Tomorrow is Black Friday. Don’t stay in the dark about Promotions

Start your free trial

Until December 9th, we’re offering you a free trial of our latest product, Promotions. It's automatically switched on for you and it's quick and easy to get started.

Display promotions across your website

With Promotions, your discounts can be displayed on the websites, vehicles and finance products you choose. You can even link to your promotions through your social media accounts so your customers can easily connect with you and take up your offer.

It takes just minutes to get your promotions set up and they will be instantly shown on your website.

No grey areas

Whether you want to create a finance offer based on a low APR rate, manufacturer, retailer or lender contribution you can do it. And, if you want to see what it looks like on your website, Promotions updates instantly, so, if you want a peek of how it might work, you can add it and then delete it in seconds.

You can also create as many promotions as you like. Setting the time limit is a really neat feature, too, whether you want to set a promotion for Black Friday only or one that lasts over the festive period. And, if you’ve scheduled a promotion to go out that you need to change at the last minute, it’s quick and easy to change it.


Need more enlightenment?

Codeweavers support team is on hand with a step-by-step ‘how to’ guide to help you make the most of your free Promotions trial. Contact them on 0800 021 0888 or at


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