How do Codeweavers help me as a Manufacturer, Retailer or Lender?

The real question is "How do you help yourself to stand out in the industry?" Our API services are designed to help you build your vision of what an omnichannel commerce experience means to your brand or business. When you choose to work with us, we work with you.

Simply put an API is a mechanism for two systems to interact to produce an end result or a transfer of data, this might include hitting an API service to calculate finance with Lender X or hitting another API service to launch a finance form to capture customer information for an enquiry. When you combine more than one API together you have the ability to build a powerful and bespoke solution to achieve your business goals - it's where you can take your retail site/platform from the ordinary to the extraordinary. You would be surprised to learn how many API's nowadays drive a retailer's website in terms of finance quotations, vehicle data and finance applications.

Automotive Retailer or Manufacturer

As an Automotive Retailer or Manufacturer of New and Used vehicles, your digital presence plays a part in the resale of your vehicles online. Granted not every view on your website will result in a sale but its the starting point to attract customers to browse your stock and engage with the site to find their next vehicle. Your choice of platform to manage your time, leads and proposals play a part in the ROI where you convert enquiries into sales. If you were a vehicle you would choose to be like an xDrive, 4Matic or a Quattro - leading from the front (your website) and the back (the platform that manages your sales channel).

The two questions I would ask myself as an Automotive Group is:

As a customer, new to car finance how easy would it be to find a vehicle I am interested via our online website that a) fits within your affordability i.e how much you want to pay per month and b) gives you options to purchase, reserve or enquire about the vehicle easily online and c) doesn't overwhelm you with too many adverts, unnecessary clicks and prompt for information?

Wouldn't it be nice to create a seamless (compliant) finance journey that takes a customer from your landing page right through to their next vehicle?

As a dealer, How do I achieve maximum productivity but at the same time spend less time on manual tasks such as rekeying application data into a different system, generating quotes in different systems with different lenders, capturing customer data manually from customers for a proposal?

Wouldn't it be cool to have one system that gives you access to all your Lenders with the ability to submit proposals directly to the lender for a decision? or maybe generate quotes for customers who can remotely complete finance applications via one click in an email which goes directly to the Lender for a decision?

Automotive Lenders/Brokers

Whether you are a Captive Lender, Non-Captive Prime/SubPrime Lender or Finance Broker, you also play a major part in the resale process of all vehicles online. I would say your online presence is just as important as the retailers themselves. It's not always about the APR but it is about how integrated you are with the platforms that drive the sales of vehicles online.

Here are a few questions for you guys in the world of finance!

As a Lender, how do we make ourselves available so retailers can surface our finance quotations online for both New and Used Cars?

As the world moves to eCommerce are we ahead of the game in terms of our capabilities to receive proposals and return an instant decision online thus enabling a true eCommerce experience for our retailers online?

These questions are designed to make you think or rethink as a business can we work smarter not harder? Can we achieve more by doing less?

Unlike some companies like Apple where you pay a premium for a product because of the fruity logo (Shamelessly my favourite brand!) - at Codeweavers, our ultimate goal is to help our clients sell more cars more efficiently. We are the solution, the only problem is deciding which APIs you want!


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