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Bespoke journeys are becoming increasingly popular in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and e-commerce, meaning now more than ever, building an offering that tailors to your consumers' needs is crucial to keeping up with the increase in demand.  


Continuous Evolution  

Our methodology of continuous evolution and feedback loops allows us to work closely with our clients and integrators, meaning that as the landscape continues to evolve, we will evolve with it.  

The recent growth in bespoke journeys has attracted new integrators to Codeweavers' services, allowing us to collect valuable feedback and make notable improvements to the usability of API documentation, including our reference pages and guides.  

By enhancing the usability, we have provided integrators the opportunity to become more self-sufficient in their projects while simultaneously showcasing the potential of our APIs.   


Accessing Our Documentation 

We're pleased to announce that our API documentation is now open to the public. Potential integrators can now explore our most frequently used APIs, with additional APIs available to view upon login.  

Explore our API Documentation.


Guides for Seamless Integration  

Our comprehensive guides help to make navigating the intricate web of APIs easy by bringing together groups of APIs and demonstrating how to collect and utilise data from our system efficiently. 

Our APIs are not only responsive and powerful, but also deliver the best user experience when used in combination. Our latest guides include: 

  • Pre-populating universal forms 
  • Vehicle Collection/Delivery via API 
  • Remote Apply via API 
  • JSON vs Calc4Display 
  • Additional JSON DMS functionality 
  • Retrieving T&Cs 


We understand that API reference pages can be overwhelming, so our guides focus on providing users with exactly what they need. Each guide comes complete with code samples highlighting the minimum required fields for a successful request. 


Beyond Documentation 

Our dedication extends beyond documentation. We actively listen to feedback from retailers and integrators to enhance the APIs themselves.  

For example, consider the ‘Origins’ of proposals. While we capture the source of proposals, like ‘WEB’ and ‘Showroom,’ integrators now have the flexibility to send their own source via UTM parameters. This valuable business intelligence helps retailers understand the sources of their proposals, whether it's their website, DMSs, or portals. 


Future Development  

As the car buying process generates an ever-increasing volume of data and the demand for seamless integration across businesses grows, we are dedicated to continuing to work with retailers to meet their needs by providing more data and simplifying how we offer to integrate it. 

We will introduce more real-life code examples to boost integrator confidence in using our APIs correctly and minimise the need for future architectural changes. Rest assured, our APIs follow a robust breaking change policy to ensure consistency, with timely communication of any modifications. 

In response to recent changes in consumer duties, we have developed APIs for retailers, enabling them to offer tailored quotes to customers based on their eligibility. Soon, integrators will have the opportunity to seamlessly integrate these APIs with selected lenders. 

Furthermore, we will include flowcharts to illustrate the APIs used throughout common e-commerce journeys. 


We Value Your Feedback 

Your input is extremely valuable to us. If you have suggestions or feedback about our documentation, please do not hesitate to email us at 

Ready to Get Started? Explore our API Documentation.



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