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Providing market-leading software for the Automotive industry.

We are an extreme programming software development house based in Stafford. Our automotive SAAS Platform has broadened the possibilities of the industry, seamlessly connecting manufacturers, retailers, and lenders while streamlining the entire vehicle buying journey for consumers.

A unique company to work for

No matter your position with us, we promise to provide a welcoming, relaxed, and friendly work environment. We’ll value you as an individual, helping support you as you grow throughout your career, and encouraging you to think outside the box and pursue ideas.

We believe we have to fail to learn, which is why we create a safe place to make mistakes and grow.

Our company is nothing without its people.

Cross-functional teams.

Our cross-functional teams create a knowledge hub that enables seamless expertise sharing and fosters personal and platform growth.

Our teams are empowered to lead their products.

Collaborative way of working.

Everyone, regardless of seniority, has a seat at the table. We encourage collaboration and exchange of ideas as day-to-day practice.

A fresh point of view can lead to a breakthrough.

We’ve moved!

We have a new office space located in the heart of Stafford. A walkable distance from the train station, with lots of parking and a safe place for bikes.

There is ample space for collaborative projects and workshops, a well-stocked library, and a cosy kitchen where you can indulge in delicious drinks and lots of snacks.

The Codeweavers Team

A place to grow

In the 5 and a half years I've been here, one thing is for certain. The only constant is change. This means that nothing is stagnant as we're always looking to refine and improve the way we work collaboratively. On top of that, everyone is encouraged to take the time to fail, develop and grow. As part of the account management team since its inception, I've been able to define the role within the business and be the voice of our customers.

Ben Dixon

Head of Corporate Accounts - Digital Retail

5 years at Codeweavers

A place to collaborate

"I joined Codeweavers during the pandemic. I was worried that it might be hard to connect with people being remote; however, I found that within days I was collaborating with different teams, meeting new people and making new friendships. I joined a book club and a pet club, getting to chat and know lots of like-minded people in the areas I hadn’t yet worked."

Chloe Evans

Content Designer

1 year at Codeweavers

A place to invest in yourself

"As a student with no previous programming employment experience prior to starting my placement with Codeweavers, my team has been a huge source of support and reassurance as I went about the otherwise daunting task of becoming familiar with project codebases that were at a scale I had never seen before in my own projects (as well as dealing with the sense of Imposter Syndrome that comes with such a process). On top of this, it is incredibly refreshing to see continual learning and growth not only act as a core value of the Codeweavers culture, but be something that is actively integrated into our work schedule – there’s never a feeling that I will grow stagnant in terms of developing my own skill set as a developer and makes the work I do feel like an investment in myself at all times rather than “just another job”."

Edward Barton

Back End Software Developer

1 year at Codeweavers

A place to be supported

"I’ve been working at Codeweavers for just over 3 years where I started as a QA engineer. Coming from a manual testing background the whole QA side of things was an eye opener for me but the support everyone gave me enabled me to develop my skills and learn new things. Less than 12 months in and along came Covid and working from home, again the support continued and Codeweavers gave me the opportunity to learn something completely new when they asked me to take on a Product Owner role, this I have been doing for just over 2 years and am really enjoying it. Kaizen time is a big thing with Codeweavers and they give you the time and resources to enable you to learn. We have weekly demo’s where we get an insight into what teams have been working on developing our ever growing products. We have regular social events which are great, you get to see people that you don’t normally interact with regularly."

Selena Davies

Product Owner

3 years at Codeweavers

A place to improve

"I have been working for Codeweavers for two years now, and there is still something new every day. Although we work autonomously, I still feel supported in my development and part of a community. I have really adopted their approach to failure, to embrace and learn from it. I am encouraged to give things a go, challenge and problem solve in my own way."

Tom Cooke

Customer Care

2 years at Codeweavers

A place to grow

"I’ve been working in the Codeweavers Marketing department for the last 4 years, and one thing that really stands out to me is the support in learning and growing within your career. In my second year, I received guidance and help when deciding to take my CIM Digital Diploma in Marketing; having dedicated time each week to focus on personal learning is something I have not seen in many other businesses."

Matt Kennedy

Product Marketing Executive

5 years at Codeweavers

Benefits of working at Codeweavers

Hybrid Working

We want you to choose an environment where you perform at your best. Everyone gets a company device to allow you to work wherever suits you best, our office, home, or a mixture of the two!


We encourage a healthy life/work balance. That's why we offer flexible start and finish times, and you can take up to 4 hours of flexi-time per week.

Workshops and Conferences

Innovation and collaboration are at the heart of what we do. That's why we dedicate special days to workshops and Hackathons, giving our teams the opportunity to experiment with exciting new ideas.

We also provide opportunities to attend conferences and events during working hours to expand knowledge and skills.

Codeweavers Library

The Codeweavers Library is packed with an extensive collection of books spanning development methodologies, product design, leadership, and project management.

Our library is always growing, and we are always happy to add new titles. 

Friday Kaizen Time

Our Friday afternoons are dedicated to professional learning; it's called Kaizen time.

'Kaizen' is a Japanese philosophy that means 'continuous improvement'.

Digital Learning Resources

In addition to the Codeweavers library, we also offer avenues for continual development.

We can offer a range of self-paced learning resources, including Pluralsight, Codecademy, and the Interaction Design Foundation.

Additional Time Off

Outside of your annual time off, we also offer:

  • +1 day to focus on your mental health
  • +1 day to volunteer to a cause of your choice
  • +1 extra day holiday for every year of service
  • +1 additional day for your birthday.
  • Additionally, we offer unpaid leave. 

Social Scene

We have great company away days throughout the year, and we have our now legendary annual sports day.

We also have many regular activities independently organised by teams, such as dog walking, day trips, evenings out, and a wonderful collection of hobby groups.

The Academy

Teach. Learn. Improve. Share.

Codeweavers Academy isn't just another school-style course; it's a transformative journey that equips our team members with the knowledge and tools they need to excel in their roles and beyond.

We run regular workshops with our Academy Lead who helps identify areas where everyone can progress. The aim is to motivate, spark critical thinking, and encourage personal and team development while inspiring our employees to collaborate and communicate.

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