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A unique company to work for

You’re thinking: “Yeah, right. I’ve heard it all before.
Unique this, special that…” But, before you come to the conclusion that we really are just like all the rest, read on. Because we think we might just be able to change your mind.

What we do is actually pretty amazing

Codeweavers develops digital solutions that weave lasting connections and close, long term relationships between the automotive industry and its customers. And the solutions we create aren’t just generic, obvious or ‘off the shelf’ but truly innovative and even pretty groundbreaking.

It’s not just us saying it either. Because our digital solutions have, over the last 18 years or so, been embraced and adopted by many of the UK’s leading automotive brands and retailers.

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A passion not just a job

Our people need to be more than just intelligent and creative. They need to be those things too of course. But they also need to be true innovators, with the vision, initiative and drive to explore new avenues and go where no one has ever gone before. Which means that, for our people, what they do is not just a job. It’s a passion.

We're hiring

We’re constantly on the lookout for top talent to join our team. So, if you’re excited by the prospect of joining one of the UK’s most innovative digital outfits, seduced by our chilled-out atmosphere, why not check out our vacancies.

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