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Finance added seamlessly into an ecommerce journey

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What they needed?

GForces is a web agency in the automotive industry. They’d created an e-commerce journey called ‘Transact’ for their retailers’ websites that allowed car buyers to purchase a vehicle online. They wanted the added option for buyers to be able to purchase their vehicle through finance.

GForces wanted to work with a supplier who could provide a range of finance API's so this could be added easily to the e-commerce journey.

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Why did they chose Codeweavers

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Existing Relationship

We’ve had a great working relationship with GForces for a number of years and they know how to integrate our tools already.

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Technical Expertise

They’re aware of our technical expertise and knew that we could provide them with the right solution that would fit in seamlessly into the customer journey.

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Speed of Delivery

As they already knew how to integrate our products and the way our products are built, it meant it would be very fast process from start to finish.

What did Codeweavers provide?


What we produced

We provided GForces with a range of finance APIs to implement into their retailer e-commerce journey. The finance steps included in GForces transact journey include:

  • Finance quotes to power the calculator within the journey
  • Multiple lender quotes
  • Part exchange and delivery functionality
  • Finance application form that has the functionality to auto submit to lenders
  • Lender submission to multiple lenders/brokers
  • Lender status updates
  • Finance lead generation capture
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  • Our solutions are easy to integrate
  • As we provided finance APIs, the style and functionality was controlled by GForces so it could look and do exactly what they wanted
  • GForces get to benefit from our existing relationships with all mainstream finance lenders

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