Why you should use technology to manage your car finance

Finance is now.


For a while, financing a car has been one of the biggest steps in car purchasing, and customer expectations are only getting higher and higher. They want the option to buy what they want, where they want and most importantly? The way they want.


Personalisation is key


Your customer might want to buy a car directly from your website without even visiting your showroom first; they might want to do half of the journey from the comfort of their own home and the other half with your help; they might just go directly to your showroom without visiting your website at all.


Every customer is different, and flexibility with finance management helps to accommodate that. Personalisation is key. Their car-buying journey should be unique to them: both online and offline!


Selling more cars with technology


Investing in the right sort of technology will help you personalise your finance offerings and, ultimately, you’ll sell more cars.


The right tech company has years of experience in the automotive industry, making sure that the solutions they provide will allow you to be both proactive and reactive--like us!


Do you need it?


Here’s an easy checklist to help you determine what you need to include to manage finance:


Does your website allow your customers to:


  • Search your vehicles by their own monthly budget?

  • Personalise a finance quote, apply for finance and auto-submit the application to a lender?

  • Pre-check their credit eligibility?

  • Find out more about the finance products you offer?

  • Benefit from dynamic car finance offers?


If you answered no to some of these, it might be worth getting in touch with us to see if our solutions can help your business. Next month, we’ll be looking into why you should use technology to help you sell more cars, so check back in for that!


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