What's Codeweavers Product Focus this Month?

Each month we’ll have a real focus on a Codeweavers product feature that we think is worth talking about! This month, we’re exploring Codeweavers Reserve It Now tool.

The tool allows customers to reserve a car directly from your website, and the best bit? They can put down a deposit outlined by you right there and then!

To do this, the tool links with various payment providers (Stripe, JudoPay, etc.) or we can integrate with your chosen payment provider instead. You can add this tool wherever you like on your website and you are instantly notified when someone reserves a car. We’ve found it works particularly well when it’s added into your finance calculator!

The tool lets your customers know if anyone else is looking at the vehicle and once someone has reserved the vehicle, nobody else will be able to.

What sets this tool apart is it can be linked to all of our other products and it can also be linked straight to your systems, too. The management side of it is pretty awesome, allowing you to be instantly notified when a customer has sent a deposit payment to you. If they change their mind, you can refund it with just a click of a button there and then!

You will have access to all the information you need about the customers so that you convert their reservation into a sale.

Here’s a little demo of Reserve It Now in action!


If you would like a play around with this tool, contact our support team on

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