What can you do for your customers today?

Be there for them. Just because you can’t be there in person doesn’t mean you can’t help them.

There are many challenges we need to face head-on, now and when your business is fully open again. The key to getting through these challenges are being proactive with your customers. Your customers' buying behaviour has been influenced by the pandemic as their options are limited and they can’t visit your showroom. Give them a helping hand getting what they need, let them buy a car from you remotely and efficiently. It’s how we react to consumers' needs now, is how we can be proactive with the future of selling vehicles.

It’s fair to say that many of us predicted that buying vehicles online would become more of the ‘norm’ for customers before the pandemic happened. Yes, you’re always going to have customers who want and need the showroom experience but many are happy to buy a vehicle remotely. Because of the pandemic, this change has happened more quickly than I think anyone in the industry ever anticipated.

Just looking at some of our stats from our Reserve it Now product from the past few months. The number of consumers reserving a vehicle and paying a deposit increased by a whopping 200% from January to April this year. It shows that consumers are willing to reserve vehicles online. They may not have had any other choice with showrooms being closed but now they have done it once surely they would do it again? 

What about giving your customers the option to fully buy a vehicle online? We’re already supporting many retailers in doing this, what have you got to lose in doing this? Think about different ways you can be proactive today with your customers. If we need something at the minute and we can’t get it from a supermarket we buy it where we can online. The same should apply to how we sell vehicles.

Please don’t shy away if you aren’t tech-savvy and like a traditional way of doing things. There’s so much help and guidance out there and your web agency and your tech partners are here to help you. We are making sure you see the benefits of our solutions before you invest in them by letting you have them for free for 3 months from when you sign up. We’re also not tying you into a lengthy contract, no one wants to be in a lengthy contract at the best of times, what's the value from it. Instead, if you do decide to take up one of our solutions to help you sell your vehicles remotely after the free trial you just need to give us 30 days' notice if you want to cancel at any point. 

Help your customers today, let them buy your cars stress and hassle-free.

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