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Used Cars: 4 Ways To Build Consumer Confidence Online

A closer look at how your omnichannel presence influences consumer confidence when buying online. 

With an increased number of major manufacturers selling new and nearly new vehicles and offering benefits like warranties and no history of knocks and bangs, it’s easy to see why some retailers see a slump when it comes to selling older stock. 

With many feeling that potential problems are too easily concealed online and that influential information isn’t always readily available for older vehicles, consumers haven’t been so quick to show their confidence. 

We wanted to share four ways you can help increase consumer confidence when buying your used stock online.

1. Put consumer experiences at the forefront.

Ensuring that your website is accessible, clear and puts consumers at the forefront is paramount when trying to boost their online experience. When met with problems like a faulty website or unnavigable pages, consumers are more likely to drop off and seek products from competitors. 


The more professional the design of a website, the more likely
users were to feel comfortable shopping on it

Nielsen Norman Group

2. Prioritise customisable journeys.

Your website should be viewed as an extension of your dealership; it’s just one of the many channels that consumers can interact with to view your products, learn about you as a company, and decide whether you’re trustworthy. 

The key is optimising your online and offline channels to work with each other, creating a network of consistent, quality content that allows consumers to decide what channels, processes and methods of buying best suit their needs.  

Recent years have solidified this need for flexibility, with most consumers not wanting every aspect of their journey to be either digital or physical. Our research found that:

  • 63% of consumers would prefer to complete more of their next vehicle buying process from home*
  • 38% would prefer to complete finance online and negotiate a price* 
  • 32% would prefer to get a trade-in valuation online*

*CarGurus Covid-19 Sentiment Study

3. Invest in the production of quality content to improve credibility and trust.

Modern consumers require a different calibre of information to provide them with an experience that builds trust and showcases your credibility. They expect vehicle imagery to be clear and professional and show the interior, exterior and any blemishes the vehicle may have. Providing interactive experiences like videos, showing every imperfection, and describing the vehicle to the nth degree are just a few things that boost credibility.

4. Provide greater reassurance with 14-day guarantees

In 2021, Auto Trader published that they found 62% of buyers would be open to purchasing a car without test driving it if offered a 14-day money-back guarantee. 

Guarantees help promote confidence, build trust with your consumers, and provide them with added protection against anything that isn’t caught successfully in the advert that might change their minds. 


Consumer needs and expectations are always evolving, check back on our blog and follow us on our social media channels to learn more about how you can continue to provide them with the best experience possible.


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