Prepare now and sell effectively when your doors are back open

We don’t know when you will be able to officially open your doors to the public again but what we do know is that you need to be ready for when it happens. There’s lots of rumours going around about when you are able to open but it’s still very much the unknown at the minute.

Almost certainly consumers are and will be starting to think about whether they need to change their vehicle. Whether their finance agreement is nearly up, they want to treat themselves ready for the summer, their neighbours car is making them envious, sat next to theirs on their driveway or just their situation changes and they just need to change it.

Your customers need you to be ready to help them find their next vehicle. This might be now or it could be as soon as lockdown is over.

How can you prepare yourself?

Have the right solutions in place to help you sell effectively now

Let your customers buy your vehicles anytime and anywhere they would like. If they don’t visit your showroom, bring the showroom experience and all of it’s perks and services to their living room.

We can help with this.

We’re offering some of our digital commerce solutions, Checkout and Remote Apply free of charge for 3 months to help get you ready for when lockdown is finally over. It doesn’t matter how long lockdown is, make sure you have the solutions in place to be at the forefront of the industry.

What are the solutions?

Codeweavers Checkout, Remote Apply and Reserve it Now.

Our Checkout solution lets you sell vehicles, through your website with ease. Checkout allows your customers to do everything they need to buy a vehicle from your website. They can get a part exchange, add any optional extras like service plans, apply for finance, place a deposit and arrange collection or delivery.

Our Remote Apply solution lets you invite your customers to apply for finance on any of your vehicles anywhere, anytime. Remote Apply helps increase your sales online, by letting you create multiple personalised finance quotes on multiple vehicles, which you can then send directly to your customers' inboxes. The solution also lets you keep track of your customers progress through Showroom System, with the ability to prompt customers with personalised finance offers and invite them to apply for finance.

Our Reserve It Now solution gives your customers control by letting them reserve a vehicle from you wherever they are, helping you gear up your reservations.

The last thing you want is having two customers reserving the same car and having to let one of them down. With Reserve It Now, your customers can put down a cash deposit and reserve the vehicle they want directly on your website, so they can rest easy knowing no one else will scoop it up while they think about it. 

Sign up to our webinar

We're hosting a webinar to offer you insights and guidance for when you're back open, even if your customers don't visit your showroom.

This will take place on Wednesday 13th May at 11 am through the application Zoom. Once you have signed up to the webinar you will have all of the information to access the webinar and add it to your diary.

Click here to sign up to the webinar

A short term fix and a long term solution

It’s also worth mentioning that these solutions aren’t just a short term fix to help you get by through these struggling months. They provide you with a long term plan and strategy that will help you sell effectively and efficiently. We’re continually improving these solutions daily by learning from customer behaviour and responses through analytics and you can do the same by signing up for our Insights app.

No one knows what’s going to happen next but isn’t it better to tackle things face on and be ready, rather than waiting and seeing what happens and constantly playing catch up. Be prepared, be at the forefront and sell more cars more efficiently.

Contact us today

Contact us for more information and to arrange a demo of these solutions by emailing: or calling us on: 0800 021 0888.


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