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Making improvements to improve things for you

Based on the visual changes we recently made to our Checkout solution, we wanted to keep all of our products and services visually consistent making them easier to use and integrate into your website, starting with improvements to our Reserve It Now standalone journey.

Benefits for you and your customers

These changes to our standalone products will make the whole process more seamless, helping your customers feel more confident in moving between your website and our various products.

A better experience all round

The style changes will make it easier for your customers to reserve a vehicle from your website, improving the customer experience for your business.

Reserve It Now

We've restyled the Reserve It Now journey to closely match the look and feel of our other products. These changes went live on July 14th.


What's next?

We'll also soon be updating the visual style of our standalone Motor Credit Check and Apply for Finance journeys so watch this space.

We'd love to hear what you think

We always try to ensure that any changes we make are right for you. That's why we'd welcome any feedback or questions you might have about the visual changes we've made. Just email us at: or call us on 0800 021 0888.


Matt Kennedy

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