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Major improvements to Showroom System

Showroom System provides a seamless experience for managing sales, finance quotes, leads and proposals both from your website and in the showroom, for a totally connected system.

Profile Page becomes our new improved Overview Page

We've taken our existing Profile Page, renamed it Overview Page, and introduced additional features and visual changes to make it easier for you to manage all of your deals.

This will help you manage your orders and proposals all within one page, providing a better experience across our products including Checkout. 

Giving you an overview to help you complete the sale

The Overview Page also now gives you the capability to manage deals more efficiently by easily viewing the status of a customer's journey at any stage to help you decide what needs to be done next. 

Each section on the page now clearly shows the current status of the deal, allowing you to quickly take any action needed to progress the order towards completing the sale.

Putting you in control

You'll also gain more control around a customer's finance application through the capability to quickly provide alternative quotes if the initial application is unsuccessful. 

Your opinion counts

If you have any feedback or questions about these changes, please click on the help and feedback icon within our Showroom System or get in touch at

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