Let's Get Product Focused

Each month we will have a real focus on a Codeweavers product feature that we think is worth talking about!

This month we will be talking about Codeweavers Part Exchange tool. We haven’t really talked about it much and we really should as the functionality and features of this tool are pretty neat!

Do you want to give your customers a real estimate of how much their current car is worth instantly? Codeweavers Part-Exchange tool does exactly that.

It’s very simple to use. Your customers just enter their vehicle registration to get a valuation on their current vehicle. The valuation will be based on industry data and the condition of the vehicle.

This tool can be added anywhere on your website or systems, or integrated within other Codeweavers tools such as our calculators!

Customer Focus on Part Exchange

A Codeweavers customer has had great success with the tool so far.

Last month they had 1,638 websites using the tool. 92% of the users entered their reg, went on to answer the questions about the condition of the vehicle, and received a valuation for that vehicle.

The process of their part-exchange is really cool as they’ve added an option to use a finance calculator once the user has received their valuation, which has really helped maximise their finance offering.

If you would like a play around with this tool, contact our support team on

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