How to bring a tree back to life

Going green is good for business but it’s much harder for a business to be green than it is for a household. You can’t really reduce things like how many times the toilets flushed but you can do so many other things.

It's weird, no one really likes going near the printer at Codeweavers as you always get asked so many questions - did you really need to print that or how many pages!? It’s like the forbidden thing in the office. We always try to limit paper waste to a minimum, but even as a tech company we still need to sometimes print out letters and reports from time to time, even if it is frowned upon by our lovely Infrastructure Director Rob!

Will and Christian from Codeweavers are exploring different ways that we can be a ‘deeper shade of green’ and we started by looking at what wasn’t green at Codeweavers. We decided to focus on our paper consumption and found out over the years, since Codeweavers started, we've been the cause of around 20 tree deaths. We were completely shocked and thought that over the years, surely we don’t print more than a few packets of paper each year. How could it add up to this much?!

We felt so guilty and decided that enough was enough. What could we do to repair the damage we’ve already done? So we started by planting 20 trees in order to match what we have used since the day we set up shop.

Going forward, every year we’ll plant trees for the amount of paper we use and we’ll be looking at other ways we can become more environmentally friendly. This is the first of many things we will be doing to go green.

If your business is interested in doing something similar, feel free to check out the World Land Trust - they plant trees around the world to help tackle the effects of deforestation.


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