How can you effectively interact with your customers in this pandemic?

Without being face to face how can you make sure you’re at the forefront of your customers' minds? They may not need a new vehicle now but situations change and they may need one in the not so distant future. How can you interact with your customers in this pandemic effectively?

Your customers are going to remember the brands and retailers who helped them out in this particularly/extremely challenging time. The ones that are too ‘salesy’ they may find quite off-putting. Without giving your vehicles away for free, how can you help your customers out so when the time comes that they need a new vehicle they remember you? 

Offer support wherever you can

Put yourself out there on social media and other channels offering your support wherever you can. If a customer asks for your advice, give it. Put messages on your website offering support. Let your customers know all of their options, tailor your message in areas such as your homepage, custom blog posts and refine your message on search engines that are tailored to the pandemic offering your customers support. If you aren’t sure how to do this I’m sure your web agency will be happy to help.

For example: Edward from down the road has just found out his wife is expecting another child (he’s already got two) but he really doesn’t like the idea of having to change his vehicle to a people carrier. He gets in touch with you via your Chat on your website about this. Instead of giving salesman advice, try to be a friend and really conversational. Give him all of his options that would suit him even if it means you haven’t got the right vehicle in stock for him but your competitor has. You never know his wife may need a new vehicle shortly to and maybe his pal Bob from down the road. Word of mouth and referrals are powerful!

Let your customers still buy your cars

Let your customers do what they would’ve done in your showroom. For obvious reasons you can’t really offer a test drive but you can let them search your stock thoroughly, give them all the information they need, let them know their finance and cash options, get them to reserve a vehicle and let them buy a vehicle fully. Be honest, if your customer won’t be able to collect or have the vehicle delivered straight away let them know before they purchase it. 

They probably will still buy the vehicle and wait, they will respect you more for being honest from the get-go. If you haven’t started selling remotely yet and you would like to, we would be happy to help. Because the times are so uncertain we are providing our Checkout and Remote Apply solutions for free to give back to the automotive industry.


‘Free childcare for a whole month once the pandemic is over’...maybe not that far but promotions are a way of enticing your customers to your vehicles. The added bonuses that you’re offering may help them a lot and maybe the sole reason they decide to buy a vehicle from you. Make things more affordable for your customers by liaising with your manufacturers and finance lenders to create enticing finance offers that could really help make your vehicles more affordable. Again if you need any help in this area we have a Promotions solutions that lets you add offers to your website quick and easy!

Be mindful with your marketing

Things like reviewing the visuals you use, are you using images where people or crowds are together. Are the visuals of people in public places or on holiday? Be mindful with imagery. Does your marketing messaging suggest close interactions with others or promote being out of the house? Again be mindful with your messaging. Something like ‘Your perfect car for essential travel’ 

Don’t leave a bad taste in your customers' mouths, be mindful with your marketing and adjust your tone. Tone down your messaging and come across as empathetic, thoughtful, friendly and above all helpful. 

Stay Safe

The biggest thing you can do for your customers right now is telling them that we are all in this together. Tell them to stay safe in their homes (if they aren’t a keyworker) and that you are doing the same. You are here to help and that it is business as usual for you but just remote. If they aren’t tech-savvy, give them the option to chat to you while they are exploring your stock online and help them pick the perfect vehicle for them. Make them feel that they are getting the showroom experience from the comfort of their own home. Promote that staying at home they can still do what they could in your dealership. 

Promote staying safe.

If you would like more suggestions on how you can effectively interact with your customers in this pandemic contact our team via email on; or phone us on: 0800 021 0888. We’re here to help.

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