Drive your drop offs down a gear or two

So you’ve spent lots of time, effort and money driving traffic to your website but what are your car buyers doing when they get there? 

Many of us have been in the same boat, focusing on driving traffic to our website through paid digital campaigns but then later discovering that these consumers are only spending a split second on our website before moving on or dropping off within the first page. Sometimes driving the wrong traffic to our website, for example people who aren’t even interested in buying a car, or the right people are landing on your website and they are not getting the information that they’d hoped for. 

Showcasing your stock online

The question you need to ask yourself is, are you showcasing your showroom to its best potential online? Are your customers getting the experience they would if they’d visited your showroom and how are you enticing your customers to buy a car through you online?

You might actually be getting loads of leads and sales through your website and that’s great! Thing is, you might be able to double this, by constantly improving your website journey your conversion rates are only going to get better. Your web agency is here to help, they will guide you with what's working and what’s not as well as how it can be improved. We can also help you with this, particularly in relation to the Codeweavers solutions that you have on your website.

How we deal with drop-offs

We monitor the drop-offs of consumers using our products constantly as we want to make sure our retailers are benefiting from our solutions and we’re providing the best possible experience for customers.

At the start of lockdown we wanted to make sure we were supporting retailers in any way we could so we decided to launch our Checkout solution earlier than we had originally planned and give it for free for 3 months. Checkout lets car buyers buy cars from retailers websites quickly and effectively in just a few simple steps. 

We’ve been very happy with how both retailers and consumers have taken to Checkout and we’ve been monitoring the drop offs very closely. We’ve reviewed the full journey - what's been working and what hasn’t, and how we could drive more consumers to buy cars through a retailer’s website. This has all been based on where consumers have dropped off and we’ve investigated why through Codeweavers fully featured web analytic platform. We’ve now refined the journey and it should be live very shortly.

Here is a sneak preview of the new journey -

We realised the main reason we weren’t getting the numbers we were expecting of consumers buying vehicles through retailers websites was because they had to enter their email at the start of the journey, which felt like they were creating an account. This was one of the biggest things we changed.

We’ve put together a few questions that we think you should consider to drive your drop-offs down a gear or two -

  1. First things first, where are your customers dropping off on your website?
    Once you know this you can start investigating why. There may be a CTA putting them off, they might not be able to go any further, the page may have taken too long to load or your message may not have been clear. There’s a lot of reasons it may be!

  2. Are there gaps missing in your online car buying journey?
    Can they search by monthly budget rather than cash price?
    Can they search through your vehicles quickly and easily?
    Do you have the right search filters in place?
    Can they part exchange their current vehicle?
    Can they add optional extras?
    Can they apply for finance?
    Can they reserve a vehicle from your website?
    Can they fully buy a car through your website?
    Do you explain all their finance options?
    ...just a few things to consider!

  3. Is your website car buying journey in the right order?
    There may be a particular stage of your website's car buying journey where your customers are dropping off. Stages of your website's car buying journey may not be easily skippable if they are not applicable to your consumers, which may frustrate them. Can they tailor their online car buying journey through you? Do your customers prefer to apply for finance before getting a part exchange valuation on their current vehicle?
    Just making changes to the order of your website's journey could prevent a lot of drop offs.

  4. Is your website’s messaging clear?
    There’s no point me going into too much detail about your website’s messaging as we have a post dedicated to it that we will be posting shortly. The clearer your website’s messaging the easier it will be for you to guide your customers in the right direction on your website to the information that’s relevant to them.

We hope this guidance helps. If you would like more info on how to sell effectively through your website your website agency is here to help and we are too. Drop offs are an easily identifiable barrier to successful sales, and resolving them is something you should not ignore.

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