Don’t let your new stock get dusty

We all know how tough the market is right now and how sales are down. But we don’t want to dwell on the negatives. We want to focus on how we can all come together to deal with the problem. The fact is, physical new cars are becoming a massive issue in the UK with retailers stuck with 1,000s of new cars gathering dust as they simply have no way of promoting them either on their website or in the showroom.

And every day that these vehicles are standing idle, they’re accruing interest and eating into the retailer’s profit.

When customers are looking at new cars on a retailer’s website they will typically be taken to a new car configurator, which means they’re likely to opt for a car that hasn’t yet been built and will take weeks or even months to deliver. This, of course, doesn’t solve the retailer’s problem at all with the dust particles continuing to settle on their new car stock.

Codeweavers doesn’t merely understand the challenges retailers face. They’ve done something about it.

Because New Car Stock Locator, which can be tailored to any retailer’s needs, is helping to tackle one of the car retailer’s worst nightmares by providing the capability to showcase new car stock for the very first time, increasing sales online and in the showroom.

It can help customers quickly and easily find the perfect new vehicle that they’ll be able to afford by searching through all of a retailer’s new stock, by lifestyle or spec, by cash price or with fully-integrated finance by their monthly budget.

All of which means that New Car Stock Locator can help retailers move on new cars like never before, creating better outcomes for retailers, manufacturers and customers alike.

While the icing on the cake for retailers is that, by adding in Codeweavers new Promotions tool to the New Car Stock Locator, they can increase urgency to buy through creating compelling time-limited offers.

Making selling new cars a shining success.

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