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Convert 18% more customers through your website

We’ve taken some data from two of our retailer customers, one which has a banner on the top of their homepage promoting online buying and delivery, the other without. We found that there was a difference of 18% in conversions to Checkout between the two sites.*

Clear Messaging

Once a customer lands on your website, they will usually make a decision, in a matter of seconds, about whether to continue their search with you, or leave for another website. This makes your messaging vital.

Your business solves a problem and creates value for your target audience. But, first-time visitors don’t know that yet, and they are quick to judge. Tony Haile, CEO of Chartbeat, says an average reader will stay on your page for just 15 seconds. This is a very small window for you to convince them that your product/service meets their needs.Neil Patel

Below is a good example of how, landing on the homepage, customers can get a clear message. What makes it clear is simple, easy to understand wording, even at a quick glance customers will know that they are able to reserve and purchase a vehicle from this website.

Another good example below, clearly gets across to customers that they are able to purchase their next vehicle online and that they can have their vehicle delivered to their home. Not only that but this messaging is consistent across their channels including social media.

Increasing customer confidence

In this clip from our webinar in May, Adam Canay gives advice and shows examples of how you can get the most out of your website to help you sell more vehicles.

Continuing the message across social media

Clear messaging does not only apply to your website homepage, but across your entire website and all of your communication channels, such as email and social media. Below is a great example of how the message from a retailers website has been continued on their social media accounts.

More information

We will be sharing more tips over the coming months. If there are certain areas you would like to know more about, then let us know, by getting in touch with us on social media or drop us an email

*We found that the retailer using the promotional banner had 393 users click on the Checkout call to action compared to 69 users clicking the call to action on the website without the promotional banner.


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