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Content that allows viewers to dig deeper into interests is 2.7X more important than featuring famous actors Google Study (Gardner, 2019)


I recently read this post by ‘Think by Google’ and although this post is based around video content, it got me thinking about content in general. For anyone in a marketing background who have not heard of the ‘Think by Google’ articles, I would highly recommend subscribing to them, as they share some great and interesting pieces.

Although this may seem like common sense, sharing content that people find interesting is easier said than done. Something that is interesting can vary from person to person, that's why it is so important to understand your audience.

Understanding your audience

How well do you know your customers? Building a customer profile around each of your customers can help you to shape the content that you are producing. Let's start from the beginning. You have a product, let's say you're selling used Volkswagens. After some research we found VWs are more popular with Millennials and women, so make sure the content you produce is relevant and interesting to these individuals.

Once you have an understanding of your audience, you can then start to break it down further. One of the easiest ways to do this, is speaking to your customers. At the end of the day none of us are psychic and to understand anyone better you have to talk to them!



Getting started

There are some great and yes FREE tools you can use to help you start understanding your audience today. One of the online tools I have used as a starting point is Profiles from YouGov, which you can try yourself here

This is a great starting point but you don't need to stop here! There are a few different ways to start building up details on your customers you can do this through:

  • Using social media to speak directly to your customers.
  • Running focus groups.
  • Email campaigns.

These are just a few simple examples of methods you can start with today. If you are looking for more examples, get in touch with us.

Be careful where you put me!

Where you share your content matters. Are you putting it on social media? Is it going directly on your websites blog? Is it being printed? Location is also an important factor. If you are writing content for Australians, make sure that the content is tailored for them!

Content that works

Over the years I have seen some great marketing campaigns and pieces of content produced in our industry.One of the first that comes to mind was the  ‘Panda to Sochi’ campaign by the FCA Group. This campaign was run alongside Vice Magazine and was not only great content, it was also used by FCA to better understand their audience and what content best worked for that audience. Smart? Yeah I thought so too! 

Land Rover also did something similar and created content targeting one of their big customer groups, families. They teamed up with travel vloggers, ‘The Bucket List Family’. This also ties into a whole other area, influencer marketing, which my colleague Charlotte has covered in this earlier post.

You only have seconds...

Right, now I have your attention! In today's modern age, seconds really count. Content has to get the right people's attention. Before I go on, I am not talking about ‘click baiting’ all of your social media posts, blog posts and articles. It's about making your titles easy to read and accurate, so you are giving a clear idea about what your content is about.


To sum everything up, tailoring content to a specific group of your customers will always be more effective. In any of your marketing activities understanding your customers is one of the most important things.


Gardner, K. (2019). What video quality means for viewers - Think with Google. [online] Think with Google. Available here. [Accessed 3 Jul. 2019].

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