Codeweavers Showroom System Q1 Goals

At Codeweavers we’re committed to transparency, we believe it’s the foundation of trust. With this in mind, we have decided to make our Showroom product goals public. We hope by doing this, it will give you the context you need to understand the decisions we make, and see how new features, updates and other changes fit into our broader strategy.

Publishing our company goals is new to us so we may change our approach going forward.

The goals we’re sharing are short-term goals that will shape what we are working, on one quarter at a time. They’re immediate, practical aims that will help us improve the platform at speed.

It’s important to read our goals in context, it’s easy to misinterpret what things mean without all the detailed information, so if there is something you are unsure of you can always contact us for further clarification.

Furthermore, if something doesn’t make it into our quarterly goals it doesn’t mean we aren’t working on it, we have multiple teams and projects within the business that can support long-term strategic goals, even if they don’t feature in our short-term goals.

Our goals are designed to give us clear direction, without being too prescriptive. It’s important that they have some flexibility and empower our teams to make decisions on how we meet these goals.

Things Change

We pride ourselves on being a fast-moving company which means things change all the time. Goals, tactics, plans and priorities are constantly moving.

We use our goals as a guide, but we can’t be too rigid. We constantly reassess our goals to ensure they remain relevant.

It’s very possible that during a quarter, our goals might change slightly, or that we don’t end up meeting them all. This will be as a result in changes to priorities.

Goals Q1

Increase Usage

We really want Showroom to be a tool that makes work life easier for you. This means we’ll be making improvements to what we already have. We’ll be focusing on product features that improve how you configure offers and your finance set up.

We’ll work to make offer configuration easier, faster and richer.

Improve Usability

In the past couple of weeks you will have noticed a change to the Showroom navigation. We have received both good and bad feedback about this change, it’s really important that we take all feedback onboard to ensure we are providing a tool that works for all of our customers.

Over this quarter we will be continuing to make usability improvements to the system based on both the research we have conducted and the feedback from the changes made so far.

Our aim is to reduce the time it takes you to complete tasks and all the changes we’ll be making will have that aim at their core.

Reduce Support Queries

Here at Codeweavers, we’re fortunate to have a great support team who have extended knowledge of our entire offering. However, far too much of their time is taken up dealing with issues that could be self service.

We want to reduce the amount of calls we get to support for things like password resets and rate changes. To do this we are going to focus on improving the onboarding process to help new users understand how to get the most from the platform.

That’s not all!

Don’t forget, these won’t be the only things we’re working on in the next three months! Just because we haven’t put something in our goals, doesn’t mean we won't be working on it in the background - it just means it’s not one of the top three things we’re focusing on.

We will keep you updated with our progress!


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