A message from Codeweavers' CEO

Firstly, I would like to send my best wishes to those that are suffering as a result of this unprecedented event. It's clear that the ramifications from the global pandemic could be severe and long-lasting.

Here at Codeweavers, we have a clear, well-defined plan that we are confident will enable us to provide continued support for our services throughout the crisis.

From Friday the 20th of March the majority of the Codeweavers team will be working from home for the foreseeable future. We are confident that our business will be able to operate largely business as usual under these conditions. It is worth noting that home working is new to Codeweavers and so we may need to iron out some communication issues, however, all of our current forms of communication will remain in operation. Our telephone system is hosted, so our team will be available as usual on the telephone. Support tickets will be processed as normal. Our Sales Team, Product Owners, Account Managers, Leaders and Directors will all continue to be available as normal. Should you have any issue communicating with our business please email for non-urgent communications or call 0800 021 0888 for more urgent issues.

Codeweavers are acutely aware of the stresses that many businesses are under at the moment. It's clear that face-to-face contact is going to be severely restricted for a long time to come and so it's going to critical to be able to facilitate remote/online sales. Because of this, we have decided to offer dealers who don't have access to similar tools from their web providers, 3 months free use of our Remote Apply solution and our online Check-Out plugin. These include our Remote Apply showroom solution and our online Check-Out plugin. To find out more how to get these tools please contact your Sales contact, Account Manager or alternatively email

Best wishes to everyone.

Roland Schaack

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