A big Get Focused ‘thank you’

Gratitude is one of the biggest things for us to come out of our Get Focused 2019 conference. It would have been nothing if it weren’t for you. Everyone who attended (from customers to staff): Thank you. You made the day the fun, informative event that we’d hoped for!

We want to tell you how it all went, so let’s jump in!

About Get Focused

Get Focused was developed as a way for us to give back to you. We wanted to bring you a wide range of insights and trends for not only our industry but others, too. It had to be different to the other conferences out there at the moment: non-salesy and easily understandable. We wanted to make otherwise complicated tech talk easy. There’s no point in going to a conference if you don’t take anything useful away from it!

Our conference was the perfect chance to network with us and heaps of other really cool people, and it led to some great sharing of knowledge and expertise. The talks were short, to-the-point, and left lots of time for reflection, discussion, and the devourment of snacks (particularly bacon sandwiches and coffee!).

Future conferences

After the conference we sent out a survey to gather feedback. We want to make positive changes for the next conference so that it’s as tailored as it can be to what our customers want!

The format was excellent and well balanced. I found it very informative and got a lot out of the day. In particular it was the none sales approach and the varied speakers complimented each other covering the topics in the days agenda. One of the best I have been to in my 39 years in the industry.” - Get Focused attendee


I thought the whole event was very well organised and was genuinely useful. I always find everyone at Codeweavers so approachable and helpful.”  Get Focused attendee

So who came along?

  • Manufacturers
  • Dealers
  • Lenders
  • Web providers
  • Agencies

We were delighted with our selection of our guests, as well as their diversity. Everyone from company directors to managers and sales execs were welcome to come along and benefit!

Featured speakers

Roland Schaack, ‘Welcome!’

Our own Managing Director Roland kicked off the day with his welcome chat.


Christina Chander and Oliver Kabi, ‘The Power of the API’

Christina, a Project Facilitator and Oliver, a Software Developer (both from Codeweavers) helped us discover the potential of APIs, and how to build an effective platform.


Rupert Pontin, ‘Improving Pricing Accuracy and Profit using Technology’

Rupert, the Director of Valuations at Cazana, discussed working with real time data. He highlighted the importance of using the latest technology for improving retail pricing accuracy in line with demand, and the impact on profit per unit and speed of sale.


Paul Boocock, ‘What Does Your Data Say About Your Business?’

Paul, Head of Data Insights at Codeweavers, showed us some options for data collection and analysis, as well as debuting some of the things that Codeweavers is building to help people get more out of their data.


Spencer Burnell, ‘How Technology is Changing Car-Buying’

Spencer, Head of Product at Volkswagen Financial Services (UK), discussed the challenges ahead for the car finance industry, as well as which technologies are leading the changes.


John Warner, ‘Creating a Digital Strategy for Online Car Sales’

John, a Click Consult Marketing and Content Exec, chatted about the utilisation of local SEO and the difficulty of ranking for branded search terms.


Rebecca Boocock, ‘The Impact of Social Media and Instant Messaging’

After a fabulous two-course lunch Rebecca, Head of Delivery at Codeweavers, presented an interactive session exploring the each and use of social media and IMs in the automotive industry.


Dealer Chats: How We Utilise Technology to Sell More Cars

We explored how Fords of Winsford have been utilising technology to sell more cars, how technology can transform car-buying by creating an experience rather than a product, and how to up-sell products using technology.


Chris Roberts, ‘The Benefits of Future-Proofing your Ad Tech Stack’

Chris, iProspects Managing Partner, explored the proliferation of media over the years and the evermore complex user journey.


James Burbidge and Dan Roberts, ‘Intelligently Connecting People to Vehicles’

Adphos Europe’s Print Division Technical Director James and our own Head of Product, Dan, shared how they made changes to their process at work and the impact they had on their businesses.


Speaker highlights

Rebecca’s talk was super interactive and a lot of people engaged with it. We really love how the interactive elements of the whole day allowed everyone to ask whatever questions they wanted so easily, using the Slido app. It meant people could ask their questions anonymously without even raising their hands and the whole process was so organised and easy to use for everyone.


In James Biggs’ talk, he mentioned that for his business around two thirds of his customers purchase a car without evening seeing it first! Fascinating. We also loved Spencer’s talk. He had deep knowledge and insight in our industry in particular and mentioned some really great points.


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