8 reasons why you should attend Get Focused

When: 22nd May 2019. 9 am - 4 pm

Where: The Moat House, Acton Trussell, Staffordshire. ST17 0RJ


There are tons of reasons why you should attend Codeweavers Get Focused conference, but here are 8 good ones


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1. Networking and sharing knowledge

Opportunity to network with us (and we ARE pretty cool, after all), as well as high-end manufacturers, dealer groups, independent dealers, finance lenders and Codeweavers partners. You can discover what everybody else is thinking, share knowledge and gain real insights from your peers!

2. 'Non-Salesy'

A lot of conferences, while informative, tend to include a lot of sales pitches. We’re making the Get Focused conference a totally 'non-salesy' event. The talks and forums will be insightful, coming from a mix of people within the automotive industry, as well as people bringing lessons learned outside of the industry.

3. Informed

Come away from the conference informed rather than confused! We promise you will learn something\; whether this is how you can get the most out of technology to help you sell more cars and finance, or what you can do with your data.

4. Exclusive to customers and partners

Get Focused is exclusively open to Codeweavers customers and partners. It's a free event, a way of us giving back to you and you will be fuelled with bacon sandwiches, lots of coffee and biscuits and a two-course meal at lunchtime. There are also only 100 places so get booking!

5. Sessions will reflect our outlook

We provide solutions that are needed and wanted, and our selected talks and workshops will reflect this outlook!

6. Talks are short and to the point

The talks will be in short bursts, at just 20 - 25 minutes each to ensure they are focused and look at key points only. Shorter slots allow our speakers to refine their topics to ensure maximum impact and leave you guys wanting more--perfect for the Q&A sessions!

7. Q&A's (ask your questions anonymously)

Speaking of Q&As there’ll be one after each session, but you won’t need to stick up a hand and ask a question in front of a whole room of people. Instead, questions can be sent anonymously through a piece of software instead.

8. Tech talks from a tech company

This year we will have more talks and sessions hosted by us! As it's a tech conference and we’re a tech company, we have a lot of knowledge and findings around tech and the automotive industry to share. What are you waiting for? Reserve your place by clicking below.

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