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5 Marketers to pay attention to in 2019

Seth Godin

I am sure by now the majority of you have heard about Seth Godin, whether it's from one of his well known books or from one of his talks, he has a vast experience in marketing, being the founder of two companies, Squidoo and Yoyodyne. I was first introduced to Seth Godin through a colleague of mine, and I started by picking up one of his books, the dip to be precise! Seth is continually adding new content whether it is blog posts or new books on the horizon, be sure to pick up one of his books if you haven't already! Visit Seth’s website here



Dave Chaffey

I found out about Dave, through a Marketing course I am currently attending, and one of the recommended books was ‘Digital Marketing’, a book of his that is used widely across universities. Although the booked is predominantly aimed at those starting out their careers in Marketing, it should be read by anyone in a marketing role! Buy Daves’ Digital Marketing book here

Hailley Griffis

Hailey is the Public Relations Director at Buffer, but why is she on this list? I discovered Hailey through the Science of Social Media podcast, if you haven't already read it, head over and read our recommended podcast list, and head down to the marketing section. With over 5 episodes already this year it's a great podcast for any marketer to listen to in 2019. She also has a very interesting blog which gives a great insight into her way of working!

Gary Vaynerchuk

I take it you have heard of YouTube, of course you have, and if you haven't stumbled across Gary yet, then search for him now and start digesting some of his great content. I came across his videos before I started my career in marketing, and what I enjoy most about him and his content is how he speaks, you don't get bogged down with technical terms and jargon, he uses his own experiences and those of others to help explain what he means.



Luan Wise

Luan is a chartered marketer with over 15 years of marketing experience and has worked for some of the biggest companies around including Royal Mail, Panasonic and Hilton. Luan has a wide range of content for you to get your hands on, from courses on, her book ‘Relax It’s Only Social Media’ and even in house training. If you are wondering if and how to use social media in your business then head to her website today! 

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