About us

Find out more about us and who we are.

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Who we are

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We are a company that knows our stuff when it comes to software

We’ve been intelligently connecting people to their next vehicle for over 17 years, utilising the best talent and using our wide-ranging industry knowledge to refine our platform. We’re known for our technical mastery, speedy delivery and excellent business relationships, but we have so much more to offer.

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How we work

Working agile is what we're all about at Codeweavers.

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An agile approach

Agile is a word thrown around frequently in the tech industry, but we seriously put it into practice with our approach. All work comes into our company backlog and is distributed to different teams. We break each piece into the smallest chunks we can, nicknaming them MMFs (Minimum Marketable Features). MMFs should take no longer than three days. Working with MMFs allows us to gain constant feedback on small bits of work, making us really flexible to work with.

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The Codeweavers way of working

We make time for projects that really matter and always pick the right way of doing things rather than the easy way. Codeweavers take a long-term view of the world when developing software. The team believe in producing the very best technical solutions as well as effective business solutions.

If you want to work with people you can depend on and have a bit of fun whilst doing so, collaborate with us.

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People are given room to bloom!

The Codeweavers way of working can be summed-up in three words; positive, relaxed and innovative. People who work at Codeweavers are given room here to bloom outside of the strict corporate way of working that comes with most technology companies. We enjoy what we do and how we do it and it shows in our work.

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How far we've come

To give you a better idea of what we have achieved over the years, take a look at the Codeweavers timeline.

06 Nov

Codeweavers new website is launched 🚀

05 Apr

Launch of Volvo’s eCommerce journey

28 Feb

Over 100 people now work at Codeweavers 😍

30 Nov

Mercedes New Car Stock Locator

20 Jul

Hosted our very own sports day for the Codeweavers team 🏅

08 Jul

We complete the Three Peak challenge

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20 Jun

JLR Part Exchange Launched

14 Sep

Created a finance plugin for an Irish dealer using the Euro currency 💶

08 Mar

Peugeot offers & Peugeot eCommerce website built by Codeweavers went live

24 Feb

Won the contract to power finance on VW Group brands UK & Europe

10 Feb

Award winners for 'Finance Product Of the Year' at The Motor Finance Europe Conference & Awards 🏆

12 Sep

Autotrader.co.uk goes live with dealer finance powered by Codeweavers

11 Jul

MINI offers website built and powered by Codeweavers goes live

10 May

We hosted our first ever tech conference for our customers 🎤

06 Apr

Motorrad offers website delivered by Codeweavers

16 Feb

Close Brothers using Codeweavers finance calculation service for internal systems

19 Nov

Codeweavers management buy out completed

11 Mar

BMW eRetail launched

08 May

Toyota New Car calculator launched🆕

10 Feb

Alphabet Broker System delivered in under 3 months

04 Sep

Peugeot Offers finance plugin delivered

13 Feb

Codeweaver Showroom platform launched

21 Nov

BMW New Car configuration calculator launched🚙

15 Aug

Finance Service launched on Peugeot UK used car locator

14 Jun

Payment Search Launched

15 Mar

Moved offices from Stoke to Dunston 📮

21 Oct

Finance Service launched on BMW and MINI UK used car locator

21 Jan

Finance Service integrated into Porsche Financial Services point of sale system 💳

10 Dec

Adopted Scrum methodologies

21 Nov

Finance calculation web service launched 🌐

09 Feb

Delivered the first version of a motor finance point of sale system 🥇

15 Sep

Delivered a fully integrated proposal management system

20 Aug

Launched our first web based PCP calculator

01 Jan

Codeweavers launched! 🚀