Moving forward despite COVID-19 - An update from Codeweavers' CEO

This months meet the team

## This months meet the team**Who?**Andrew Williams(image dctog_web-codeweavers-headshots_177-1.jpg)**Position at Codeweavers**Quality Assurance Manager**What did you do before you joined Codeweavers?***Before joining Codeweavers I was the lead tester for a software house based in Cannock. ***What do you do at Codeweavers?***At Codeweavers I perform essentially the same role - I test the software to the n-th degree in an effort to ensure it performs in the correct manner for our customers. This typically involves testing new features, finding and reproducing defects, verifying defect-fixes are correct, and ensuring code changes do not break existing functionality.***A fact about yourself***I once came close to running over Douglas Hurd (it was his fault).*


By: Codeweavers - 01/04/15

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