The first 3 months working as a developer at Codeweavers

Alex Fogg joined Codeweavers 3 months ago as a Frontend Developer. We have asked him to share his experiences of being a new weaver at Codeweavers.

What made you want to work at Codeweavers?

I hadn’t a lot of information about Codeweavers before my interview but as soon as I had my interview I knew I wanted to work at Codeweavers. I had a very informal interview with Megan from HR and Ben who manages the Frontend team at Codeweavers. They got me really excited about the technology I would be working on, the people I would be working with and the projects I would be involved in.

What really caught my attention was the fact that they would support me with my personal development as a Developer and that it’s encouraged to continuously learn and the opportunities to go to developer specific conferences.

How are you settling in?

I’ve really enjoyed my first 3 months at Codeweavers, don’t get me wrong there has been a lot to learn but I’m finding the work I’m doing really interesting. At Codeweavers we pair programme so we are continuously sharing knowledge, this is something that I have never done before. When I first started pair programming at Codeweavers I was a little nervous for others to see me code, but I soon got over that as everyone is really friendly and helpful and the way of working is really chilled out.

What’s your favourite thing you have worked on so far?

I have been working on building a high-end manufacturer a website that allows their customers to search for cars by a monthly budget. I have really enjoyed working on the styling of the solution. I have found it a great project to really get to grips with some of Codeweavers product range and way of working.

What tech have you used so far?

I have been using the language Angular 2 which is completely new to me. I’m really enjoying learning a new language and it’s challenges! I’ve also been using Sass CSS which is really easy to use and intuitive, so it’s been nice to have a mix of a challenging language and a language that’s easy to learn!

I’ve really enjoyed the way of working so far at Codeweavers and look forward to developing my skills further.


By: Codeweavers - 07/02/18

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