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Marketing internship at Codeweavers

My name is Oreo and I am a Loughborough University ‘BSc Sociology’ undergraduate student. I took on the role of a marketing intern at Codeweavers this summer (2018). Codeweavers was the perfect environmental playground to help me develop and enhance my skills.

What do you want from us as a company? This was the question asked in the initial interview before I started my 5 weeks marketing adventure. At that very moment, I knew that this was the perfect company for me and I was deeply hooked.

I really wanted to apply my statistical analysis experience in the workplace together with my previous media content creation and copywriting skills. Surely enough, Codeweavers gave me all the opportunities to make a real impact. As an intern, I was treated no differently from other co-workers. We would tell jokes and have playful moments now and then, but we were all committed and devoted to the work we produced. Consequently, it helped reinforce my knowledge of responsibility, focus, ambition and drive.

It was definitely a worthwhile experience for me. I remember the first day vividly, palms sweaty, weak knees, arms heavy and even before I had enough time to sit comfortably by my assigned desk, I was thrown into the ‘deep end’ of Marketing. But not in a bad way. From learning Google Analytics to trade show event planning, there was a tremendous amount of support and guidance throughout the whole process, yet always left enough room for me to contribute as much as I wanted to. As a ‘blank slate’, I felt like I have definitely learnt and absorbed a lot of useful marketing techniques that would be useful in any industry. Of course, some might say that textbooks or university lectures can teach you the exact same thing, but actually applying SWOTs techniques and learning on how to get the best return on investment in terms of promoting was a big ‘eye opener’ for me.

One of the projects I worked on was to try and create a print advert for a magazine. Words cannot describe how much thought has to go into creating an ‘attention-grabbing’ print advert. The challenging part was to have just the right amount of information to get the reader’s attention, and also be interesting enough to get people to read on (not too much, nor too little). In my view, that’s the main goal of marketing - to get an optimal yield from promoting and to maximise brand awareness.

Overall, working as a marketing intern at Codeweavers was definitely full of dynamic adventures. Reflecting back, small details became highlights, from the comfortable work environment to the ever friendly co-workers. Not only have I gained valuable real-life experience but also Codeweavers taught me helpful transferable skills that I can carry with me throughout my professional career in the future. If I do get an opportunity to work at Codeweavers or in a similar industry in the near future, I would definitely say ‘yes’.

What I’ve learnt during my summer internship

  • Google analytics, analysing data trends
  • Planning for exhibition trade show - Design, Floorplan, Giveaways
  • Ideas for video\; product showcase
  • Planning/designing print advertisement for magazines
  • Content creation/ copywriting, blog writing, social media marketing


By: Codeweavers - 29/09/18

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