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Digital F&I Award Winners at the F&I Conference & Awards!

#Digital F&I Award Winners at the F&I Conference & Awards!Codeweavers are absolutely delighted to have won the Digital F&I Award at the F&I Conference and Awards! Furthermore, Codeweavers was highly commended for the F&I Product Innovation Award.The Digital F&I Award recognises the digitisation and omni-channel changes that are affecting the F&I sector. Changes in customer buying behaviours and their preferred methods of engagement with dealers mean that a digital focus is an essential part of an F&I strategy.This Award has a digital focus, and will go to a dealer or service provider that can demonstrate innovative digital approaches to gaining customer engagement and providing quality of service.The F&I Product Innovation Award recognises that innovation also exists outside of the digital arena. Innovation in the scope and content of F&I products and services is necessary to ensure that the industry evolves as the market changes. This award recognises a dealer or product provider (lender, insurer or Value added product provider) that has demonstrated an understanding of these changes and created products, processes or services that have driven performance in F&I. Thank you to (link http// text DealTrak) for putting on such a fantastic and informative conference and awards!


By: Codeweavers - 27/10/17

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