5 Clues to help refine online finance

At Codeweavers,we have access to real-time dynamic information on the way consumers interact with dealers’ finance offers courtesy of our range of plug-in finance calculators.

It is an insight that can help dealers to develop a data-driven approach to the use of finance online to market their stock.Codeweavers Sales Director Shaun Harris sees hard data as an ideal complement to experience to help dealers to develop a more dynamic approach to the value of finance as a marketing tool, noting;

I still retain my traditional affection for the value of experience and gut instinct when it comes to marketing cars, but I also find it impossible to ignore the hard facts coming from 855,482 unique customers who used a Codeweavers plugin finance calculator last month.

Here are my top 5 clues to help dealers to refine their stock positioning

1. Most popular search day – a Monday – so if you have ageing stock to move,this is the best day.

2. Most popular time of day 7 PM – so do make sure someone is available to handle leads into the early evening

3. 38% of searches were via a smartphone and a further 13% via tablet,so do ensure your website is mobile friendly and that finance offers are readable.

4. 64% of quotes generated were HP, are your PCP quotes laid out clearly

5. The most popular monthly payment sought was £200 pcm, you could change this as your default payment.

I hope this insight proves to be of value; what the data certainly demonstrates is the sheer importance of having a finance calculator and supporting tools,such as explanatory videos,which are well used,to provide an engaging consumer experience,concludes Harris.


By: Codeweavers - 10/07/17

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