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“We simply needed to Increase leads and sales.” White Dove Group

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What White Dove wanted

White Dove Group is one of the largest Skoda and Seat retailers in Wales, with a vast stock of used and new cars and over 60 years’ experience. They know how to sell cars of course but wanted their online presence to work harder for their customers too.

Increasing the volume of sales from their website was a priority, as was collecting more customer data along with gaining a better grasp of customer needs.

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Why they chose us

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Years of experience

They’d seen for themselves how well our products work for other retailers and appreciated how they could be adapted to their own website.

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Key connections...but no ties

As we work alongside all the major web agencies and media companies we can integrate our products into any website in weeks or even days. Nor do we tie customers into lengthy contracts as we’re confident any product will quickly prove its worth.

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Our commitment

We don't want to tie any of our customers into any lengthy contracts as we hope our products have proven themselves, so not being tied-in helped with their choice too.

What we did


Road tested solutions

We’ve worked with many retailers in the same position so we approached things in a similar way. We met the client, gained a deep understanding of what they wanted, then presented a range of products to help them achieve their goals.

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Pedal to metal

Our support team worked with their current media company to begin integrating our products into their website. Everything went live in just a month.

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How we helped

  • Increased number of customers interested in financing a vehicle
  • Provided a better understanding of customer finance needs
  • Online presence significantly strengthened with notable increase in younger customers applying for finance on site.

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