Your workplace’s atmosphere reflects your company's culture

Taking a step back and reviewing the atmosphere of your workplace is key to ensure your company's culture is what you want it to be.

We see our company atmosphere at Codeweavers as fun and hard working, and everyone is a team player. It’s very chilled here, people come to work in casual wear and, although there are deadlines to meet, our approach is to do a job at the best of abilities and be realistic with how long a project will take rather than cut corners and just do what is easy.

Focusing on your workspace is really important - a larger space gives more flexibility and more room for recreational activities,particularly if you are a tech firm like ourselves who are continually brainstorming and building on new ideas. Did you know that open-plan workspaces have also been shown to reduce stress at work?

More importantly, more space gives people the choice of how they work as there are fewer limitations. It also allows individuals and teams to work more closely as they are in the same room, so it’s a lot easier to communicate ideas and feedback.

We believe that you should be able to work the way YOU want to work. For example, if you want to work on a standing desk one day you should be able to, or if you want to work in a quieter space or alongside your team you should be able to.

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Here are a few more ideas we think makes a better atmosphere in the workplace

You need to be in a location that’s good for public transport or walking/cycling to work, meaning fewer drivers. Although we are currently based in the countryside, we are just a few miles away from Stafford which is a great town for commuters, with the nearest train station to being just over a mile away - not bad!

Although we aren’t in a town, having social aspects to a company is so important. Being in a town would make it so much easier to do things after work or over lunch. Currently, we have to drive anywhere which limits options at lunch as it takes up time. However, how we have battled this is offering extended lunches once a month and hosting a company day or afternoon out every couple of months!

Good spaces for people to make their lunches and take a break really help with the atmosphere in your workplace. We provide lots of different drinks to cater for all of our staff and even offer organic fruit each day and a table tennis table so you can de-stress on your lunch break!

I hope you find this post useful, until next time!

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