You gave us feedback & we listened

We have given you control of the fields you would like to display on your 'Apply for Finance' form on your website.

At Codeweavers, we continually listen to our customers' feedback. We have created the ability for you to decide whether you would like the bank detail fields to be presented on your finance apply form.

Many dealers that Codeweavers work with, requested that they would prefer to request a car buyers bank details after they have completed the finance application on their website. They believed car buyers would be more likely to submit a finance application if they didn’t have to enter their bank details. Please note if you would like this change on your Apply form, your finance applications can only be submitted to your chosen lender once you have received the bank details from the car buyer.

If you would like this change made to your Apply form please email Codeweavers support team on


By: Codeweavers - 04/01/17

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