Yet another successful Bangers4Ben challenge completed

The Codeweavers team are delighted to complete yet another Bangers4Ben challenge successfully! This is Codeweavers 3rd year of taking part in Bangers4Ben and this year the team consisted of Shaun Harris, Codeweavers Sales Director and David Stevenson, Codeweavers Scotland Regional Manager. Codeweavers love to take part in this challenge as a phenomenal amount of money gets raised for BEN Charity, which is such a worthy cause and there is no other charity challenge around like it!

What were the rules for the 2016 Ferrari themed challenge?

  • Entry is £500 per car with driver and co-drive
  • Purchase a vehicle that costs less than £750
  • Theme the vehicle
  • Participate in the challenge in fancy dress
  • Complete the full Bangers4BEN route

This year's route was over 4 days from the 8th - 11th October. Day 1 Saturday 8th October – Dover to Colmar, France (431 miles)Day 2 Sunday 9th October – Colmar to Maranello, Italy (373 miles)Day 3 Monday 10th October – Maranello to Strasbourg, France (352 miles)Day 4 Tuesday 11th October – Strasbourg to Dover (461 miles)Shaun and David decided to purchase a car a little different this year, in fact, they didn't purchase a car at all, they purchased a van! The van was a little white Peugeot 206 and to everyone's surprise managed the full trip, being driven over 2,000 miles! The van had a few minor glitches before the challenge, from tax issues to the car not starting the week before!The van was themed as a donut van and Codeweavers marketing team covered the van in donut signage. Shaun and David's fancy dress was 'Donut Chefs', throughout the trip they offered donuts to other teams taking part in the challenge. Codeweavers marketing team thought that attaching a giant blow up donut to the top of the van would be completely fine. 10 minutes into the challenge, Shaun and David had to pull over onto the side of the motorway and save the blow-up donut from flying into cars on the Motorway.. opps!Shaun and David had an incredible trip and saw and drove through some awesome places from visiting the Ferrari Museum to driving through the Swiss Alps.The Codeweavers team banger was sent to auction which took place on Friday 28th October. All money made on the banger was donated to BEN charity.Here are some of Shaun and David's favourite photo's from the trip(image img_0073.jpg)(image img_0072.jpg)(image img_0071.jpg)(image img_0070.jpg)(image img_0069.jpg)(image img_0068.jpg)(image img_0066.jpg)


By: Codeweavers - 25/10/16

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