Window version of Codeweavers Showroom app now available

## Window version of Codeweavers Showroom app now availableThis mobile application is a powerful extension to the Codeweavers Showroom System. As you may or may not be aware, the iOS and the Android version of the mobile app is already available to download. Codeweavers have developed a Windows version of Showroom app based on customers requesting this additional version.Like the Android and iOS version, the Windows app enables you to instantly receive notification of customers starting to fill out calls to action on your website. Customer's don't need to complete the form for you to be notified, as soon as we have contact details we will send your device a notification that someone is on your site now ready to be followed up. The following calls to action will trigger notifications. - Email quotes - Finance applications - Motor Credit Check applications Additionally you can View customer profiles, finance and vehicle information Search deals to find previous customers Contact customers directly from your device This app is free to Codeweavers customers.Download the Windows by clicking on the following link - (link https// text https//


By: Codeweavers - 07/12/15

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