Why you should add an Apply for finance button

# Why you should add an Apply for finance button## You can increase the amount of leads you receive by 7.3 times by adding an apply for finance button to the top of your vehicle results page, on your homepage and in your finance page as a standalone application.A 'standalone' application mean the finance form is not related to any vehicle. Like all of Codeweavers forms, your customers can complete the application on any device and even if they don't complete the application, you will still receive the information that they have provided so far to follow up. (image z.jpg)We still suggest that you should include an 'Apply for finance' button next to each of your vehicles on your vehicle results and details pages that are associated with each individual vehicle as this will increase the amount of finance leads you receive, particularly if you have the 'Apply for Finance' button next to each vehicle on your results page as this will help capture your customers details much earlier in their buying journey.## The statistics behind this findingCodeweavers found that including the 'Standalone' finance application button on your homepage, finance page and vehicle results page can increase the amount of finance leads you receive by 7.3 times. Codeweavers found this by reviewing several dealers websites who previously didn't include the 'Standalone' Apply button and then added the buttons to their website. ## In one of the dealer cases, 92% of the finance applications that they currently receive are from the 'Standalone Apply for Finance' button that they added to the top of their vehicle results page. ## How can you get this set up?Codeweavers can liaise with your web agency to get the 'Standalone Apply for Finance' button on your website. The application can also be added to banner on your homepage which Codeweavers have found particularly effective. Codeweavers charge no additional fees to customers who would like the the Standalone application.If you would like to take up this offer please email (link marketing@codeweavers.net text marketing@codeweavers.net)


By: Codeweavers - 26/01/16

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