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Why More Dealers are Switching on to Codeweavers

#Why More Dealers are Switching on to CodeweaversDealers trust Codeweavers to deliver technology on time and on budget and which does exactly what was promised. More than that, our business’ support is personal and authentic, the team is committed to telling its customers not what they would like to hear, but rather what they need to hear. This combination is an approach that has won us many long-term friends across the motor industry\; pleasantly, it has also seen the business win multiple awards for its innovation and technology.We love working in the industry and working continuously to improve the way technology can help our customers to succeed.##Our ReachFrom our finance calculator background, where we are still very much the industry experts, we have branched out, working with the industry to develop a range of finance and eRetail technology solutions. Rather than just talk about the future, something we love to do, when problem-solving with customers, we take these ideas to the next level. Today, our technology is helping to sell more new and used cars by creating a seamless finance and eRetail journey. In terms of ‘omnichannel’ activity, our multi-lender platform is making this a reality right now, bringing customers and dealers together. **Last year Codeweavers generated 229,897,440,000 finance calculations and 8,146,800,000 finance quotes – that’s a few billion reasons why dealers choose us! ***Here are a few more*##Speed of DeliveryTypically deliver a project in a matter of weeks or even days. We are all about agility and responsiveness\; after all, this is how the motor retailing sector works and we are happy to work with it!##Technical knowledge and expertise‘Code’ is in our name and it is what we do. Behind the scenes are some of the brightest technology minds in our industry and customers are more than welcome to come and meet them and our wider team of committed professionals. Over the last sixteen years, we have added to our pool of talent continuously. Today, the freshest new ideas combine with seasoned motor industry insight. It means we combine innovation and pragmatism and a breadth of insight across all corners of motor retailing.##Partnerships and integration with third partiesToday, we partner with all mainstream lenders and media companies in the automotive industry ensuring that our technology solutions implement effectively into manufacturer and dealer websites.##Short-term contractsWe don’t do long terms contracts we do 30 days. It’s a confident statement of our capacity to innovate continuously and keeps us on our toes. After all, we see the speed and pace of change as an opportunity, not a threat. ##Creating ValueOur finance and e-retailing technology expertise are giving motor retailers a vital edge. Today, we provide a range of technologies that create and drive showroom traffic and increasingly support that ‘traffic’ that buys online. By helping to promote affordability and creating a more transparent and involved buying experience, we are helping more retailers to stand out from the crowd.


By: Codeweavers - 03/01/18

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