What's the meaning behind Codeweavers new logo?

" ## What's the meaning behind Codeweavers new logo?**Codeweavers unveiled their new logo on the 19th November 2015. **Codeweavers came to the decision that this was the ultimate time for the company to change the logo based on the great changes being made to the business and the direction Codeweavers are heading. It represents some of the core values of the Codeweavers and give customers a clear representation of the direction Codeweavers will be heading.The <> are commonly used symbols in development and represents Codeweavers as a technology company.**Innovation** - All of Codeweavers solutions are innovatively created from the idea creation to building the solutions. This is represented playfully in the new logo through the use of symbols and shapes. For example, the ‘A’ in Codeweavers contains the familiar mouse cursor, a well know technology symbol and it’s pointing upwards to indicate the direction of the company and also positivity. **Power** - Codeweavers provide the most powerful finance solutions available. This is reflected by Codeweavers new primary brand colour now being red. The colour brings prominence to the logo and signifies power. Power is also represented in the form and structure of the logo.**Flexibility** - All of Codeweavers have flexibility not available from any other vendor. This is portrayed through how versatile and adaptable the Codeweavers new logo can be. **Reliability** - Codeweavers pride themselves on the reliability and consistency of the service provided to customers. This is represented within the use of the hexagon shape that is seen within the <> and around it. Hexagons are commonly used to portray reliability, balance and efficiency."""


By: Codeweavers - 20/11/15

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