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What are Codeweavers doing to gear up for GDPR?

#What are Codeweavers doing to gear up for GDPR?##Codeweavers have started gearing up for GDPR over the last three months.To get started, Codeweavers put a team together consisting of eight employees from different areas of the business. The team coordinates the processes and requirements going forward to ensure Codeweavers will be fully compliant with the new regulations by May 2018. The team has labelled themselves as the CQC Team, if you or anyone from your team has any questions or concerns in regards to the GDPR related to Codeweavers, these should be directed to the team's email address at (link cqc@codeweavers.net text cqc@codeweavers.net). In the past 3 months, the CQC team have met up on a weekly basis to discuss any matter in regards to GDPR. Initially, the meetings were to gain a greater understanding of GDPR but after a few weeks, it was decided by the team to launch a program to educate Codeweavers staff about the obligations under the GDPR. A member of the team put together a GDPR presentation, this was initially presented to the CQC team for feedback and then to the whole company in smaller groups to ensure questions could be asked throughout the presentation. The presentations were very well received and it was clear that the whole team understood the importance of GDPR requirements.At the end of June, the CQC team commenced a continuous audit and compliance program. As part of the program, it was decided that GDPR related questions would be asked to members of the team on a weekly basis to continually educate the team on different GDPR matters. There are also GDPR 'rights' posters up in the office for all the Codeweavers team to digest.It was decided that a member of each department would take part in 'Lean Auditing' training, lean was a huge importance as this one of the core principles of how the Codeweavers teamwork. This training took place in August with an external Lean Auditor Training coming to the Codeweavers headquarters and training a member of each department for two days. After the training took place it was decided that everyone who had auditing training would practice asking auditing related questions to members of their team to see what works best. The first Codeweavers lean audit took place a week after the training and already a further three audits are commencing. The audits taken place were decided based on an initial bucket list that the CQC and auditing team compiled from different areas of the business. The intention is that the bucket list over time will grow including reviewing all documentation and contracts Codeweavers have in place with clients, and teams will continually add to this to ensure all areas of Codeweavers are compliant. Every action that comes out of a Codeweavers audit goes through Codeweavers mainstream of work to ensure all actions are resolved quickly and effectively.##Communications from CodeweaversAs we are gearing up to GDPR regulations we are reviewing how we communicate to our partners and customers. From May 2018 if you would like to receive email communications from Codeweavers in regards to company, product and feature updates, please (link https//docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeUr0TyO-SLtuBlmTAsvCAp2qQf6Smdzcj64U-v0uignVi5Fg/viewform?usp=sf_link text click here )This is where Codeweavers are up to gearing up to GDPR so far, we would be really interested to gain any feedback or would be happy to answer any GDPR related questions that are associated with Codeweavers that you may have if you are a partner or customer. Simply email (email cqc@codeweavers.net text cqc@codeweavers.net) with your question or query.


By: Codeweavers - 06/09/17

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