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Utilising Codeweavers tools to help generate you more sales during the festive season

#Utilising Codeweavers' tools to help generate you more sales during the festive seasonCodeweavers have put together some suggestions to help you utilise some of our tools during the festive season to help generate you more sales. If you would like further information on any of the suggestions, please email our marketing team on (link marketing@codeweavers.net text marketing@codeweavers.net). It's the time of year where companies increase their marketing activities to get those last few sales through the door, here are some quick fixes, using Codeweavers tools to help you capture your car buyers information who are interested in your vehicles and your finance options.##Prompting your car finance leads(image email-prompts.jpg)Using Codeweavers Lead Management System (Showroom System), if your car buyers haven't completed a finance application or Motor Credit Check you can use the 'Prompt' button within the customer profile to email the customer, reminding them to complete your finance application or Motor Credit Check. The customer will be sent an email prompting them to complete the finance application and you will receive a notification confirming the email has been successfully sent. Once they have completed the Finance Application the 'Apply Email Prompt' button will be relabelled to 'Apply Complete' and will not be clickable.This tool helps convert your part completed finance forms into fully completed finance applications. If you already have Codeweavers Lead Management System (Showroom System), there is no need to contact our support team as this tool is already available to you. ##Creating special offers(image special-offers.jpg)Tempt your car buyers visiting your website over the festive season with appealing car finance offers both on your website and in your showroom. Codeweavers can provide you with the ability to create and edit dynamic special car finance offers on specific vehicles that can be displayed instantly on your website or in your showroom. The offers take just minutes to create and these can be embedded within your finance calculator in a prominent, clearly laid out banner that can be tailored further using the finance calculator. Within the special offers, you can add any deposit contributions, clone the offers, create headlines and descriptions for the offers and offers can be active for a set time period.Once you have set up your car finance offers and they are instantly shown on your website you can link to them from your social media channels to capture car buyers who follow you on social media!This is free of charge to all Codeweavers dealers, simply email our support team on (email support@codeweavers.net text support@codeweavers.net) for this to be switched on for you.##Utilising your car finance trends (image carfinancetrends.jpg)Are you seeing year on year trends at this time of year on what finance offers our car buyers are interested in? You can request this information from Codeweavers based on what your finance offers your car buyers were searching for on your website this time last so you can determine car finance trends by season, so you can create finance offers this December that you know your customers will love. In addition to this, focus on your websites finance calculators default information and compare what you currently present to what your car buyers input into the calculator. For example, if your calculator has a default deposit of £1,000 but your customers keep changing this £2,000 we suggest you should change your default deposit to £2000. To request your car finance trends from last December email Codeweavers marketing team on (email marketing@codeweavers.net text marketing@codeweavers.net).##Ensuring finance is prominent on your websites vehicle listing page and homepage(image finance.jpg)If you are adding lots of enticing special offers to your vehicle listing page over the festive period how are you capturing these car buyers information to follow up? Codeweavers suggest that you add finance calls to actions on your websites vehicle listings page. Our research shows that dealers who have a finance lead generation button on their listing page will receive 6 times more finance leads than those with just this button on their details page. You could include a Codeweavers finance calls to action that links to Codeweavers finance application or Motor Credit Check next to each vehicle on your listing page. You could also link to Codeweavers standalone finance form through a banner on your homepage, this could include a festive design with a limited timed finance offer.###We hope these suggestions prove useful to you!


By: Codeweavers - 24/11/17

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