Top 7 podcasts of 2016 for business minded programmers

As the year draws to a close I thought I would share the top programming, technology and business podcasts I’ve discovered and enjoyed in 2016.

While some of these podcasts cover languages I have a personal interest in, there is some great content for anyone interested in good programming practices or the business of running a tech company.

So grab yourself a mince pie, a glass of sherry and enjoy some interesting listening this Christmas and throughout 2017.

1. Mixergy

Mixergy is where the ambitious learn from a mix of experienced mentors through interviews and courses.

Andrew Warner, a successful entrepreneur, turns his interviews with other successful entrepreneurs into mentor sessions for the listener. Andrews raw but friendly, down to earth approach gets valuable business information from the founders of companies like Zapier, Trustpilot, and Basecamp. Covering how they got started, what motivates them and the techniques they’ve found helped them build successful businesses, this is a must listen to anyone starting or who works for a Saas business.

2. Software Engineering Daily

Software Engineering Daily features daily interviews about technical software topics.

Nearly every day Jeff Meyerson delivers an interesting software development interview with industry leaders. Covering a wide range of topics, from algorithms to Apache Geode, from ChatOps to continuous delivery there is always something interesting to learn about.

3. Adventures In Angular

Adventures In Angular is a weekly podcast dedicated to the Angular JavaScript framework and related technologies, tools, languages, and practices.A weekly panel podcast from ever high quality production team at, hosted by Charles Max Wood, a podcast veteran, with regular panelists including John Papa, Jo Eames and Ward Bell. Each week the panelists discuss the latest and greatest in the world of Angular. Often including many of the core Angular team in the discussions. If you work with Angular in any context this is one podcast not to miss.

4. JavaScript Jabber

JavaScript Jabber is a weekly discussion about JavaScript, front-end development, community, careers, and frameworks.Another production hosted by Charles Max Wood. This was the first podcast I listened to, back at episode 30. Now on episode 242 it is a must listen to anyone dealing with front-end development. Each week the panelists discuss a different topic with a guest with experience in that area. Often the guest is from a company involved in the topic and I’ve discovered many great resources from this high production podcast.

5. Software Engineering Radio

The podcast for professional software developers.Following a similar format to Software Engineering Daily (though this podcast has been around longer), Software Engineering Radio provides an in-depth review of a broad range of subjects relating to professional software development. Featuring all original content and interviews from industry leaders, this educational podcast is a great way to continuously develop your own knowledge and understanding of software development and best practices.

6. Developer Tea

A podcast for developers designed to fit inside your tea break.

I’ve only recently started listening to this show but I’m enjoying the format. At only 10 - 20 mins long it’s ideal to listen to while……errrrr…..having a cup of tea (or cycling to work). The subject is broad and language agnostic. I’d say the depth each subject gets into is probably aimed at more junior to middleweight developers, though it’s always good to be reminded of the basics of anything in life, even if you have a lot of experience.

7. TED Radio Hour

A journey through fascinating ideas, astonishing inventions, and new ways to think and create. Based on riveting TEDTalks from the world’s most remarkable minds.

OK so this isn’t strictly programming or business related but I had to include it as it’s such an informative and entertaining listen. Each episode takes a different subject matter and brings together snippets of TED talks and interviews with the people giving those talks to help educate and intrigue on subjects like, “Infinity”, “The food we eat”, “The meaning of work” and “How we love”. It’s hugely popular and very well produced, a good listen for when your brain is a bit full of all the usual coding stuff and you just fancy a change.

I listen to a lot of podcasts during my cycle commute and during my downtime in the evenings and weekends.

I hope you find something interesting in this list, if so please do share the list.


By: Codeweavers - 21/12/16

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