Top 5 digital dealer marketing tips taken from our Digital Marketing Conference

# Top 5 digital dealer marketing tips taken from our Digital Marketing ConferenceCodeweavers' marketing team have put together the top 5 digital dealer marketing tips taken from our hosted Digital Marketing conference.## Think and create ways you can game changeThis isn't easy to think up nor will it be easy or cheap to put together but it will be completely worthwhile. If you don't try you never know what you can do!Make your customers think of you as the only dealership they want use to purchase their next car. Get your marketing team together and have and idea blasting session, out of the session, pick your top 3 campaigns that you want to try and start putting together a strategy for all three, you will soon realise which campaign is the winner!## Don't sit back and wait for things to happenSitting back and waiting for things to happen is never a good idea if you haven't a plan. The retail environment is continuously changing and how your customers want to buy, you need to adapt to these changes to stay ahead. Bravery and being bold is key in staying ahead of these changes along with a strong well-thought out strategy, build on your strengths and weaknesses as a brand and don't be scared of changing the way you work. ## Keep up with changes in customers buying behaviourHave you monitored the journey your customers currently take on your website and where they drop off and the reasons why they drop off and if there is a trend in this behaviour? This process is essential to understand how your customers navigate around your website and what they are interested in and what they are not. It also will determine what you need to work on and the type and style of calls to action that work on your website. In addition to this host car buyer focus groups and put together surveys and ask them what they think of your brand and website and what they think is missing. You want the individuals to be unrelated to your business, different age groups, genders and from different locations so you can get honest and true opinions of your brand. ## Identifying potential quick wins in your search campaignWhen searching for vehicles you have in stock do they appear in Google? Does your brand appear when searching for dealerships where you are located? If not who is and why? If your spending a lot of money on your website you want to drive traffic through it by focusing on your search campaigns. As Oakbase Integrated Marketing referred to in their presentation at Codeweavers recent Digital Marketing conference, tools such as SEMrush gives you insights into your competitors’ strategies in display advertising, organic and paid search, and link building## Revisiting your brand essenceEven if there hasn't been big changes with your brand recently, if you haven't changed anything for a while, or evaluated your brand recently or if something has changed in your market place it's important to revisit your brand essence and what you stand for.A great example of a well known brand that has done this was Lucozade. Previously, they positioned their products as drinks to consume when you are feeling under the weather. Lucozade now position themselves as the UK's first mainstream sports drink, they did this through marketing their product as the drink that sportsmen drink as an energy boost.


By: Codeweavers - 01/06/16

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