Tips to consider when writing special offers for your website

#Tips to consider when writing special offers for your websiteWhen creating special offers for your website whether this is offers on your cars, services you provide or car finance offers, you want to ensure your offers capture your car buyers attention. The end goal is that car buyers on your website contact you to inquire for further information about your special offers and buy a car from you. Codeweavers marketing team have put together some tips to consider when you are writing special offers for your website.##Get to the pointGet to the point with your websites special offers. For car buyers who are scanning your website quickly, you need to capture their attention in just a few seconds. Make sure your special offers are clearly laid out and the title of the special offer is short and sweet and to the point. If the special offer is unclear you will lose your potential car buyers attention. ##Have relevancyWriting special offers that are relevant to your target audience is key to engage with them. There are several ways you can do this, one of the things we suggest you do is focus on your website's analytics. For example, with dealers Codeweavers work with, we always suggest that they monitor what car buyers enter into their websites finance calculator such as the monthly payment and deposits they have entered, as this information can be the foundations of the dealer's car finance offers.##The most important information firstThis may be quite obvious to you, but putting the most important part of the special offer first is essential to ensure your car buyers are clear about what your special offer actually entails. In addition to this, the most important information should be highlighted and more prominent than any other information within the offer. You can do this by creating a headline for your offer that’s in a larger, bold font and maybe in a different colour than the other text.##Limit your special offersHaving a limit on your special offers will make your offers appear more valuable to your car buyers. You could limit your special offers by time, for example ‘£1000 contribution towards your next car until the 31st January’ or ‘3 years free servicing if you buy your car today’. You could also limit your special offer to a specific make or model of car, for example, ‘10% off a new Ford Focus’. ##Combine special offersCombining special offers can be really effective. What we mean by this is having two offers combined into one, meaning you are giving car buyers more that one reason to look at the offer further, and more reasons to buy a car on your website. You want the special offers that you are combining to be different from one another so maybe include a discount and then another incentive to buy a car from you. For example ‘3 years free servicing and £1,000 contribution if you buy your car before the 31st January’.##Compare with your competitorsCompare your special offers with your competitors' special offers. This is a great way of actually determining whether your offers are ‘special’ and whether you are providing more reasons to buy a car from you rather than them. This doesn’t necessarily mean offering the biggest discount, but providing additional extras to the service you provide and the additional benefits the car buyer gets buying a car from you rather than anyone else.###We hope these tips prove useful to you. For information on how we can help with creating and maintaining dynamic special car finance offers on your website contact our marketing team on (link text


By: Codeweavers - 23/01/18

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