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The Weaver Conference Roundup for 2016

This year we’ve ventured to more conferences than ever before and many of them are now opening 2017 early bird tickets and calls for speakers, what better time to recap on where we’ve been in 2016. These conferences are in addition to all of the conference Codeweavers attended in 2016 that are motor industry specific and not forgetting the digital marketing conference we hosted ourselves exclusive to customers back in April.

Agile on the Beach – 1st & 2nd September - Falmouth

Two great days, with sun, sea and sand in Falmouth? How can this conference go badly? In our second visit to AOTB, we were also accepted to speak on the Software Delivery track. The event opened with a brilliant keynote from Linda Rising and just continued to get better as our time in Falmouth progressed. This is a conference on our radar again for 2017 as it’s just as much about the social event as well as the conference itself. Well Recommended!

A few highlights from Codeweavers

Ship Fast!

Great little talk extolling the necessitate of producing working software quickly by delivering the absolute minimum requirements. Talk less, fail fast and deliver more!

Roland Schaack

Does this Fizzgood

“This was a really good overview of why they aim for all software releases to be 'Frequent, Small, Good & Decoupled' (Fizzgood). It reiterated the importance iterative releases and getting something to the user as on as possible which can then be iterated on over time. A quote from the founder of LinkedIn, which was mentioned in the presentation, sums this up;

If You're Not Embarrassed By The First Version Of Your Product, You’ve Launched Too Late

Ried Hoffman

Performance Management the new team responsibility

Dan Roberts

A refreshing look at how agile principles can be applied to help ensure staff get awesome feedback on their performance.

George Wilde

View their website here

Agile in the City London – 16th & 17th June - London

This was our first ever Agile in the City event and it certainly won’t be our last. Some brilliant insight and speakers at this event and our two product owners and the developer who attend all returned with glowing reviews. The three tracks throughout the two days both offered a great variation of content to suit both our developers and product owners. There are many other Agile in the City conferences on the horizon as well as Agile Manchester and Agile Cambridge which is organised by the same group. We’ll definitely be going along a few more of their conferences in 2017 given the success we had in London. (link http//agileinthecity.net/ text View website)

Integrated Live – 16th & 17th November - London

It’s not all about our Development team. Our Marketing team headed down for two days in London to attend Integrated Live. This was formally the Digital Marketing Show but with a new look for 2016. Our Marketing team returned full of new ideas and already in the month since this event we’ve started to see a renewed push from Codeweavers Marketing team with some great internal and external content being released.

Here’s our very own Charlotte Turners highlight from the show

So Codeweavers’ marketing team (myself), headed over to The Excel in London to attend Integrated Live. The conference was jam packed full of talks and workshops hosted by a range of speakers from different backgrounds which was pretty cool. What was even smarter was that the talks were 20 minutes long, with a 10 minute break in between so if a talk didn’t really take your fancy it didn’t take up much more of your time and if you found a talk really engaging you really got to grips with what they were saying as it was short and sweet and covered the main points.

There were 7 theatres and there was a talk/workshop in each that you could attend every 30 minutes. The theatres were themed by subject; Content, Lead Generation, Social, Video & Mobile, Keynote, Engagement & Experiential, Innovation & Insight and the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing.The topics covered ranged from ‘UGC and Millennials A Modern Day Love Story’ to ‘How Do You Tell a Story That Nobody Wants to hear?’ The talk I thought was the most thought-provoking had to be ‘Why You Need to Breed Creativity or Die Trying’ by Dean Lynn and the talk that I took a lot away from was ‘Often Overlooked SEO Practices That Win You Traffic’ by Sam Gutiérrez.

It was great to network with marketers from other industries and share stories, knowledge and tips and discover the latest marketing trends.

View their website here

Employee Benefits Live – 10th & 11th October - London

A little different to our usual conferences but with the ever-changing landscape it’s important to ensure we are offering our employees a good package and part of that is the benefits available. Another two-day event in London with a decent sized Expo and plenty of talks from some very big brands. This was a great insight into how many bigger organisations manage their benefits package and have like many other conferences given us some ideas on how we can continue to improve upon this going forward.

View their website here

Upfront 2016 – 27th May - Manchester

We’re always on the lookout for conferences that cater to our more specific needs and Upfront in Manchester appeared to do just that. A single day conference had us sending our entire front end development team along for one day to try and absorb some of that frontend goodness. As with many of these conferences, we found it to be very self-validating and confirmed that many of the techniques and tools that we use are well recommended and certainly in line with the direction the industry is moving in overall.

View their website here

NorDevCon – 25th & 26th February - Norwich

Our first trip to Norwich for this 1 and a half day event and it was well worth it with some great speakers in attendance, including Michael Feathers, Seb Rose, Dom Davis and Jon Skeet. Several tracks gave our 6 developers in attendance plenty of variation in talks to go to. This conference was great in being more developer focussed than many and often had live on-stage coding demos (always a little risky!). Again, another of our well-recommended conferences from this year and looking at the announced 2017 line up it is looking just as strong.

View their website here


By: Codeweavers - 13/12/16

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