The impact of SliderCalc so far​

## The impact of SliderCalc so far###As promised in a previous update, we mentioned that we would provide the results so far from the launch of (link https// text SliderCalc) that went live on many dealers' websites back in September 2016.The results have been extremely insightful and enable us to compare how car buyers interact with SliderCalc compared to other Codeweavers plugin calculators. We were surprised by the number of car buyers who prefer to personalise their car finance quote using the sliders in the calculator rather than inputting the information.We also wanted to determine whether switching to SliderCalc from another Codeweavers finance calculator made a difference to the number of interactions the calculator had, the leads generated, how the calculator was used and the overall performance of the calculator.##Here is a roundup of the results we found##How car buyers interact with (link https// text SliderCalc)The statistics collated were from 1st September - 20th December 2016.- So far over **70,000** car buyers have used SliderCalc to personalise a finance quote on a dealers website.- **62%** of car buyers who personalised a finance quote using SliderCalc used the sliders. - **48.3%** car buyers used the deposit slider to personalise their perfect finance quote.- The car buyer can personalise an HP OR a PCP quote. **68%** of the car buyers personalised a PCP quote. - **71%** of car buyers who used SliderCalc watched the ‘What is PCP’ video.- Using the Sliders it demonstrated that the car buyer wanted to create a quote that had the lowest monthly payment they could. We discovered this as the higher the term entered the lower the monthly payments and the most popular term entered was **60 months**.##Dealers who have switched over to SliderCalc from another Codeweavers plugin calculatorWe have analysed the results here of three dealers who previously had Codeweavers FlexiCalc on their website and now have SliderCalc. We have taken 3 months of data from when the dealers had FlexiCalc and 3 months since they had SliderCalc.- These dealers saw a **4.70%** increase in car buyers interacting with their calculator. - They also saw a **4.46%** increase in car buyers clicking on a finance calls to action within the calculator. - The dealers had a **16%** increase in car buyers watching the ‘What is PCP’ video.


By: Codeweavers - 21/12/16

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