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(image imag1933.jpg)In the last year Codeweavers have grown from 26 to 44 members of staff. Our office, which located within Dunston Business Village, Staffordshire was not big enough to hold everyone so we decided that another office within the business park was necessary. We needed to furnish the office and ensure that the new office was well connected to our existing office and some of the developers were happy to work in there. An adjustable stand up desk was requested by members of the team and to be honest I thought nobody would actually use it. But I've been proven wrong and so far it has gone down a treat! Everyone is desperate to have there go at working at the stand up desk station. The comments have been that it feels as if they have more energy and they feel more motivated! In the photo is Kurtis Hardy, Software Developer making the most out of the stand up desk while developing.


By: Codeweavers - 29/01/15

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