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# The choice is yours(image the-choice-is-yours2.jpg)## Codeweavers are pleased to announce the launch of their latest plugin finance solution FlexiCalc.(image flexicalc-logo-def-01.png)(link https// text FlexiCalc) joins the Codeweavers plugin family of finance solutions with (link https// text Finance Finder) and (link https// text Plugin Calculator), all readily available for dealers’ websites.(link https// text FlexiCalc) has all of the powerful functionality that the (link https// text plugin calculator)has. It’s lightning fast, user friendly, flexible, extremely intuitive and the functionality is not available anywhere else on the market. The key differentiator of the (link https// text FlexiCalc) is that Codeweavers have enhanced the usability and it has been designed in a way that will increase the amount of times your customers will personalise finance on your website.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________## Features and benefits of FlexiCalc - Previously your customers used a radio button to switch between searching for a finance offer by monthly payment or by deposit. Customers are now given both a monthly payment and a deposit field so that they can fill in either one by using the clearly displayed arrows. - **User friendly notifications**- Includes effective and informative videos that aim to educate the customer in terms of the different finance products on offer and the benefits that come with using specialist motor finance.- **Infoboxes - any potentially technical wording is supported by an adjacent explanation.**- **Uses a simple to understand and a highly visual design.**- **Sophisticated and detailed analytics** feature available that provides you with statistics on what elements your customers are interacting with on your calculator, their gender, age, location, what device they are using, etc.- **Codeweavers control the styling and all of the technicalities of the tool. **This means that we can replicate colours used on your website in the calculator, have the calls to action that you would like to display and any changes required can be sorted out efficiently.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________## Your options do not end there…(image man-person-apple-iphone-large-1.jpg)(link https// text Finance Finder) was launched in April 2015.(link https// text Finance Finder) was designed to be easy to install for dealers, but more importantly engaging, easy to use and highly transparent for prospective customers. In designing the service, the spirit and letter of (link http// text FCA regulation) were front and centre and the measurable performance demonstrates just how well this has gone down with consumers.For existing (link https// text plugin calculator) customers there is no additional cost for (link https// text FlexiCalc) and there is no work required to move over. Simply get in touch with the Codeweavers support team and they will add (link https// text FlexiCalc) to your website.For dealers who aren’t using the Codeweavers (link https// text plugin calculator) but would like to, (link https// text FlexiCalc) has been designed to be easy to install and Codeweavers can control the styling for you.Take a look for yourself - (link https// text https//


By: Codeweavers - 25/06/15

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