Thank you to all who took part in Codeweavers focus groups

## Thank you to all who took part in Codeweavers Negotiate Now focus groupsA few weeks a go, the Codeweavers team held a series of focus groups at the head office. One of which was a group consisting of typical car buyers and the other three consisted of dealers across the UK. The aim of the focus groups was to discuss Codeweavers new development that will allow dealers to negotiate and/or retail cars directly from their website to customers sat in the comfort of their living room through a unique ​two way remote negotiation tool. Codeweavers' Sales Director Shaun Harris presented the designs and how he envisaged Negotiate Now working and then demoed what Codeweavers' developers had built so far. The team didn't want to build a finishing product as the point of the focus groups was to take on board the groups feedback and how they see Negotiate Now working. The feedback from all of the groups was really positive and members of the group suggested features that we hadn't even thought about. To thank all of the dealer focus groups for taking part, Codeweavers are offering Negotiate Now to these dealers exclusively for the first 3 months once live.If you would like more information on what was discussed and how Negotiate Now can work for you get in touch with Codeweavers marketing team on (email text


By: Codeweavers - 28/10/15

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