Social Media Advice For Car Dealers

#Social Media Advice For Car DealersDid you know car buyers visited Facebook, on average, 44.7 times in the month prior to purchasing a new car? We also found that 71% of customers who have a positive experience with a dealer are likely to recommend it to a friend on social media (statistics from Facebook, 12th January 2018 and Red Website Design, 16th January 2018). With social media now becoming a key part of a car buyer's journey we have put together some useful tips for you to get the most out of social media.###Prioritise quality over quantityDon't overwhelm potential car buyers with content on social media, be selective about what you're publishing. Spend more time crafting better posts. For example post out relevant content to your customers such as videos explaining your different finance options available to your car buyers.###Post your most compelling visual contentFacebook's new timeline page design places more of an emphasis on visual content like images and videos and statistics from Jeff Bullas show, that you can get 37% higher engagement on Facebook if you use an image or video. Are you sharing enough visual content on social media? If you have a specific vehicle on sale why not share a video showing an in-depth view of the car, giving your customers more incentive to buy.We have also found some great examples of dealers utilising current content on social media, in this case Williams Crawford is a great example of how to utilise video content on Twitter, take a look at the tweet (link https// text here).(image twitteraccounts02.png)###Make your profile stand outWhen a car buyer reaches your page whether its on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you want it to grab their attention as well as providing them with al the information they need. One method of doing this is creating custom page tabs on Facebook by default, your page tabs are set as Timeline, About, Photos, Likes and More. You are able to create custom tabs such as having the standalone apply, motor credit check and Codeweavers hosted payment search as page tabs. Creating another channel through which your customers can apply for finance will help to generate more leads.###Provide a better customer journeySocial media is also an important tool when providing car buyers with a better online journey, whether you are helping them to find their perfect car through social media, or if it is keeping your current customers satisfied. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are a great way of staying in contact with your customers, which can help get your customer retention up as well as driving new car buyers to your website. How can this be done? Facebook allows users to review your dealership page giving new customers more incentive to communicate with dealers. ###In conclusionFocusing more on social media is not hard and it is essential\; it also requires a level of effort to bring your business and stock to life. In the same way that you do this to a showroom prospect, establish an ongoing process for doing this online.####We hope you found these tips helpful. For information on how we can help with understanding and utilising social media platforms to your benefit contact our marketing team on


By: Codeweavers - 22/02/18

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