Showroom Update-Cost Breakdown Feature in Quick Quote

#Showroom Update ##Cost Breakdown Feature in Quick Quote**Thursday 24th November**To stay up to date with Codeweavers Showroom updates click on the updates icon in the top right corner of Showroom System.Codeweavers are updating the Cost Breakdown feature within Showroom System's 'Quick Quote' area. The change made will enhance the usability.##Cost Breakdown(image cb.png)When you have created a finance quote in Showroom you can view the full cost breakdown when you click on the 'Cost Breakdown' tile. The change we have made is to VAP (Value Added Product) fieldThe GAP field is currently the default field for VAPs. We are removing the GAP field and we are replacing this with VAP button so you can add your own VAPs including GAP if required.##This update will be live in the next few days.If you have any questions or would like further information in regards to this update don't hesitate to contact us on


By: Codeweavers - 24/11/16

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